Arachne Solara's Loom

We can't possibly handle all the loose threads we've developed all at once. So here's a list of what's left to resolve when we have the breathing space. Please add your own, I'm sure I'm only scratching the surface here!

with time limit

Siggyr intently offers up a silent prayer to Humakt. "Lord, help us succeed in this, to find safety and gather strength against our foes, to honour old places of Death. I am your slave in all things, and cleave to your will, and I am ashamed I cannot do this thing by myself; come Dark Season I will walk the HeroPaths and ask Raven to better my senses."

The fall of Whitewall - Death week, Dark season



The clues to the lost cohort, leading north to the Wind Sword

Recover anti-undead powers (at temple in Pavis?) - assumed to have been done in background

Marble Phalanx after him for killing their commander
Has a potential girlfriend?

Has a son in the Rubble, who's "god-touched".
What's she got in her sword?
Will she discover the curse on it, and realise why her attempts at leadership in Nochet went wrong?
Will the rest of the Blades of Light catch up with her - and before or after the above?
Marble Phalanx ditto.

Is his Kralorean Sensai still in Pavis Here

For after Pavis

Where did Elmeh Saif end up??

Who were those mysterious mind-your-own-business Humakti who started with us at the Altar?
Kell Fellblade and Sarostal Beartooth

There were hints that Efridel was on some kind of secret mission, maybe delivering important goods. Do we have a chance now to find out about this?

Recurring enemies

The vampire - dead


Cavos Gilthelm - leader of those nasty anti-Solars in the Shattered Mirror (also Dori's dad) - dead

Anthippus Anthellus - Lunar we met at Tourney Altar and again on the Cradle - dead, may recur

The Marble Phalanx - Lunar heavy infantry regiment, we killed their commander and champion (and now a whole lot more)

Far Point

long-term campaign objective noted. Kick Lunars and Harvar out of FP. Your Warleader and senior 100-thane will be fully in favour. And I
would point out that the Prince of Aldachur is normally chosen by "who's got the biggest army?"

System-editing Glorantha

Reinier: My ambition in HQ (or Glorantha) is still to Set the World Right: that means knocking some sense into several of the major gods - and decapitating many others.
Ilkka: "The Old World is Dying. And we killed it."
Ilkka: And if we find out that what Arkat did for/to the cult of Humakt was the right thing? Whatever it was... And fixing it would release Old Death to the world?
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