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===The Windsword===
Made by Inginew Redson (son of Gustbran, and now a Humakt subcult).
Hereward won it when he mastered the North Wind. Will go through this in Graylor's initiation - does he get a physical sword?
Hereward gets the Unbreakable one, Windsword becomes wyter of the Ninth. (I'd like to give them an Eagle, too. Another Air thing.)
Cohort lost at Robcradle, Gonn Orta takes 100-thane and regalia north. Checking "Pavis", this was either 780-800 at Robcradle, or c.870 in Pavis. [[LHSecondAge Legion history]] suggests Robcradle.
100-thane dies up there. Sword traded away to Orlanthi hero, gets passed around, gets rep for wind magic.
"Griffin Mountain", it was lost by an Orlanthi hero > 1000 years ago (poetic licence, methinks) during wars against elves and chaos. Legend says it detects chaos and was created to destroy it. Stats p224


Between the fall of WW and Iceland. Kallyr advises them strongly to get out of the area, however big that may prove to be. Please come back for the Big Fight, but until then, unless you can help grow crops, create warmth and food, you're better off elsewhere.


Check maps - is this in fact far enough north to avoid the Windstop?
OiD p 43, plus we know it's a 250m radius from WW.
Not that it affects our lot anyway, directly, but they'd probably like to be in an area where there's food.
Yes, looks like Gonn Orta is at least 200m north of the Sun Dome. BUt then in the Rockwoods, how do you tell???

They start with going to see Gonn Orta, because of the vision on the Cradle.
Use "To Giantland" from Borderlands. We still could do the errand for Duke Raus on the way - he too wants a sword back!
Emphasize supply problems, Fimbulwinter will create panic anyway. Hidden Greens contest for food & water, though may need a re-write.

Bargain with Gonn Orta - he can tell them that the human died. The sword was traded away to Balazar (to who?). He trades with the griffins for the windberries they provide. Another bit of air magic - they may investigate.

Is the Windsword in fact in a hole in the griffins cave? Or, perhaps more interestingly, in the middle of the chaos temple its bearer died trying to destroy? Chaos holy ground... the chaotics can't go near it to move it!
Bring [[NPCBareFang Barefang]] in as a foe. He moved up north away from them. ZZ - maybe he's fighting the Chaos, too? Maybe he's the victim about to be sacrificed? If they let it go ahead, Cacodemon gets summoned. No, can't do that - he's dead.

as seen by Graylor during initiation: "White as ice - as the wind itself - clear gems in the hilt"

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