GM future plot

Player warning - secrets ahead!!!

Riverside and where to stay - done
Starwatch - done
Troll attack on Vur's place - done, but reasons behind it as yet unknown to them.
Graylor's initiation to Hereward (and then joining the Legion) - done
Egil's devotion quest to Hu - locked against players for a bit - just about done
Vampires 'n stuff - done

Jalmari Temple - much done, some secrets and plots still to find inc. Jalmari means of dealing with demons, 9 silences
Sever Santhis from Oilamley - done
Abul's initiation to Hereward - starting notes, locked - done, and not as planned
What are the Lunars doing?
GmPlotKhanJoining - and a few other bits

Third Regalia
Return to WhiteWall
The Wind Sword
Elmeh Saif
Siggyr's Doom

Stated PC long-term ambitions

The old Humakt temple

It's on Temple Hill. At the edges of a troll stronghold.
Map of the area "Shadows of Pavis" p23.

Seledd has investigated briefly, found rather more trolls than she had been led to believe, but came back with all her troops and a much better map of the place.

The Uz clan Kaggroka dominate this part, as well as Opili's fort and have refurbished the troll temples. My guess would be that the Humakt temple is kept closed for fear of messing with it.

Scenario based in the area, details troll control: "The Kaggroka Contests" in Shadows

I suspect this is too tough, but Gean might be able to manage something long-term.


He had followers. And Lunar support. And the Marble Phalanx just got a very strong hint.

Dream from Reinier

In-game, we encountered an enormous (8.5 feet?) creature made of straw and dressed in full plate armor, decorated in beautiful, fragile filigrees. A plaque on its head said "Goldmund". Oh yes, it was standing in a cauldron and insisted that we take it back to our inn (? Is this D&D?) and burn it. Which we did.

The straw burned and the armor melted, whereupon a little angel-like figure with a strong resemblance to Mannekin Piss appeared and told us a prophecy. The words changed into pictures, and the pictures into objects. Three library-style magazine racks, actually, each filled with about 10 oversized books that had the coloration of Cliff Notes. They turned out to be ... Humakti heroquests (30+!). This was fortuitious because we felt that we had drifted and needed to act more Humakti. The players fell all over each other with Humakti joy at the find. I remember only one cover vividly: a wolf-headed warrior with a sword in his right hand, twirling a spear over his head with his right. That must be Vastyr?

Comment on WW from Guy

"Go to Whitewall, arrange marriage between Kallyr and Illig, learn the secrets of the Heortland Chocolate Sword Cake, and regain the Third's
regalia whilst you're there".

RL bit from Ilka

"Which means that for the last few days I've been boating around the archipelago in a leaking boat looking for a slightly demented seventy-year-old fisherman named Eino."

Whitewall bits from Guy

> "Go to Whitewall, arrange marriage between Kallyr and Illig,
Drat, you guessed! :)

>learn the secrets of the Heortland Chocolate Sword Cake,
I'll bear that in mind.

From Gavain

> Graylor stumps up to the dragonewt statue muttering. "Trolls and now dragonkin... There's a giant behind me all that's left are the stumpies and we'll have a full set!

GM note to self: carry on with the planned introduction of mostali, and figure out how to get elves into it.


Is in fact an old enemy of Siggyr's. Jamal never mentioned his name when describing the duel.


"Mostly harmless". See email exchange with Nick and very old (1996?) scenario notes.


Michael Hitchens <> wrote:
Kallyr is given six major companions for the sky ship (Kallyr, Minaryth Purple, Orlastor Spearlord, Gernu & Dernu, Orlaront Dragonfriend, Orgerin Thundercape, Argrath Maniskisson)
Hell, if the PCs are successful enough, one or more of the seven I've listed could be one of their followers by the time you get to Dragonrise.

RR "spoilers"

The ship sinks.
She's her sister *and* her mother.
He's his father.
She's his twin sister seperated at birth
She's a He
He dies
She dies
They both die
Soylent Green is people!.
He's dead.
The butler did it.
Everyone did it.
It's full of stars

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