Tentative list of some keywords and skills that might be relevant

Legionary 17
Wyter Blessing Function 18W (Illuminate Darkness, Recognise Preparation For Attack, Unbreakable Weapon)
7th Cohort Blessing: Face Horror 6W

Spy 10W
What useful contacts does he have, other than the Zebra tribe?
Put his "every bar" in here?

Homeland: Nochet?

Initiate of Hereward 17
Affinities: (can improvise standard feats only)
Death 17 (Bless Corpse, Death Song Berserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Visage of Fear, Shield Destroyer, Weapon Destroyer)
Truth 17 (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward)
I may have listed too many feats here - should be base Humakt only.

Truewind 17 (Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual)

If he's now Humakti, will have a gift/geas. If he was at Whitewall with us, do not give him "never ambush", because if he had it there, he broke it, and will be suffering the consequences.

LM initiate
(retains knowledge but not magic)

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