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Suggested 100 words from Andy
Fynn is gregarious to a fault, a witty and intelligent former initiate of Lhankor Mhy with a friend in every bar. The reason for his Humakti initiation is wrapped in the mysterious bundle at his side. This Esrolian has traveled widely and knows the territories of Hoertland and Prax well. Friendly with the Zebra peoples Fynn was gifted an intelligent war-zebra by the shamaness Kara. He plays the bagpipes and sings often. On his back is slung the Hard-Luck Blade. These days Fynn is accompanied by a loyal warrior of the zebra people, whom some believe to be his son.

and comments later:

The gregarious part seemed obvious to me, in the Tourney Altar and Caravan Alley he seems to have no rsocializing with people and others seem to take to him quickly. As to the Lhankor Mhy, he seems well educated and has spent time at the temples in Nochet- plus I liked the idea of a sage having a traumatic experience and receiving Humakt’s call. I was leaning toward Lhankor Knowing as having been his former sub-cult.
As to the bundle, I’ve no idea what’s in there, only that it’s why he no longer follows Lankor Mhy and now seeks truth thru Hereward.
As for the Zebra rider sidekick I wanted to take the relationship with Kara one step further. Sort of a secret that’s coming to the surface, sort of the product of a love that should not be/ clash of cultures thing.

Which all looks like fun. I also note that he seems to be skilled in composing satirical songs that annoy Lunars.

GM suggestions on timeline and links:
If he's from Esrolia, I assume he was at the Great LIbrary in Nochet. We already have a period in 1619 when Dori was investigating the cohort that vanished there centuries ago, and got into all sorts of trouble while down there. Jamal turned up and joined the Legion in the same period, and first Brenna and then Illig and the rest seem to have arrived eventually. I'd suggest this is when Fynn met the Legion.

Given that he's in the Seventh, led by the Raven, I'd suggest that he's a natural "Raven's Eye" (aka spy), and like Dori tends to spend periods of time working independently "seeking truth".

In-game, Fynn fought on the Cradle, may have taken part in the War Ring HQ, but in later fighting is mentioned as being below, out of harms way. It looks as if he didn't leave the Cradle with the rest of us, yet no-one outwardly expresses concern about his absence.
How about we say that we got a message from Kara to say that he's with her, and will meet us in Pavis before the day of Standards? Then he can turn up out of the blue any time now, complete with additional Zebra-rider sidekick.

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