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===Notes from when Fynn was previously in play===

Most of these will probably be ignored.

==Column in old spreadsheet (2002)==
CC 17 RC 13 Combat affinity 17
Religion Hereward (level unknown)

==Guy's memories==

His 100 word description was:

"Every heortling knows my name,
I'm famous Fynn Mac Flynn,
I've scoffed the stock and drained the vats
of every far-flung inn.

"Uleria's kiss upon my brow
melts every womans heart. Ha,
I've warmed the bed of Maid and Marm
from every clan in Sartar!

"This blade is iron black and fey
and eager-edged I keep her
but rarely do I work that way
my words can cut you deeper.

"I can not keep my mouth-sword sheathed
for truth-song gives me pleasure
its earned me countless enemies
... thus friends in equal measure."

* Fynn is from one of the Orlanthi tribes that live near Alda Chur
* Fynn worships Orlanth as Drogasi the Skald (he might have been a devotee)
and is an initiate of the Hereward Herocult
* He loves Kara, a woman of the Zebra tribe, who he met on his many adventures through Prax
* He knows how to sing to water - I think the ability was Water Songs

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