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About Carmania and dualistic religion

For base, we have:
Cults have to be updated with ILH1 but the principles could stay the same.

For Carmania and the lunar empire, we have

Some interesting notions in this thread on Carmania:

and this passage here

1. Glorantha was.
2. From Glorantha came Primolt, the first lone being.
3. Primolt was aware of his loneliness and sought return to Glorantha.
4. Glorantha was aware of his desires and created Uleria.
5. Primolt united with Uleria and in doing so, he begat two gods: Idovanus and Ganesatarus.
6. Ganesatarus hated Idovanus and tried to kill him by taking the form of a great dragon.
7. In the resulting battle of the Two, the evil Dragon was killed and his body used to make the World. Ganesatarus escaped in the form of an insect.
8. The other gods appear.
9. Idovanus makes Mt Jernalf and summons the Gods and names their ruler: Yelm in the Dara Happan text, Idovanus in the Carmanian text.

Here is an alternative/complementary creation myth by Abul.

Carmanians normally try for balance, don't they?
From my understanding, truth/good isn't in Light or Darkness (= I would say pre-lunar balance) but there is a clear distinction between Truth/good and Lie/evil (= typical dual carmanian vision of the universe).

Probably some Nysalor/Gabji distinction in this... the place is too near from Dorastor to be a coincidence (an other clue is that the Spolite Gloom Empire had chosen the Darkness way to fight the Dara-happan solar way after the fall of Nysalor).
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