Where more detail has been decided

General Humakti
Bless corpse
Death song berserk
Fight undead
Lay ghost
Visage of fear
Empower oath
Know truth
Sense ambush
Sever relationship
Shame coward

Sword Combat Affinity
Cut Deep
Decapitate Foe
Great Blow
Sword Help
True Sword Strike

Death Affinity
Shield Destroyer
Weapon Destroyer

Nine silences - somewhere! In Death affinity, or do they have their own Silence affinity?
Silence of the Grave - Egil has it, at least.
Fifth silence - speech with the dead
Deafening Silence

Sixth silence (stop sound getting out) - Yodi has it

Li Phanquann
Vampire Soul Mirror
would do 1 of 2 things, either reflect back from the caster what a vampire sees in a mirror i.e. nothing which would render the caster invisible to the vampire or (and I think I like this one better) reflect back a true image of the vampire's horribly disfigured and scarred soul (a la Dorian Gray) causing it great horror and fear.

Truth on the Wind
Cleave Deceit
Cutting Wind of Truth
Howling Doomwind
Weigh Truth ritual
Clear the Air - Dori's own one
Protect the Truth - Graylor's own
Assess Leader Ritual

Legion wyter
Illuminate Darkness
Recognise Preparation For Attack
Unbreakable Weapon

Find Hidden Way

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