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==Weigh Truth Ritual==

Used to visibly determine the veracity of the words spoken. This is used more to demonstrate to others what the Herewardi can find out more subtly using other feats of the Truewind

"Dorinda, grim-visaged and decorated with regalia and symbols of Humakt Truth-Seer and Hereward True-Wind, leads the Weigh Truth ritual. She asks the accused questions slowly, allowing Efridel time to interpret. Jamal, holds the scales before their mouths, one pan of the scale containing a small stone Truth rune. As they speak, their breath passes over the empty pan. If they speak the truth, then the pan holding the Truth rune will fall. Yet if they lie, then they will be damned by their own breath, as the other pan will fall, the weight of the false air heavier even than stone."

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