The True Sword
by Sarah Newton

The Truesword of Humakt, from the Teachings of Tryfan Ironsword, Sword of Humakt, given at the Temple of Humakt in New Pavis, 1617-18 S.T.

"For the true initiate, the first incarnation of the Truesword is a great event. His blade becomes black, with a dreadful sheen, and parts body from spirit with ease. The lesser undead face total annihilation from the Truesword, and the greater undead flinch at the sight of it, and may flee in terror.

For the Rune Master, however, the Truesword comes into its own, completely reshaping his sword into the ancient and superb blade wielded by Our Lord. Seemingly crafted of iron, and glowing with an awesome black light, the Truesword may even sing, in a dreadful, basso profundo dirge, as it deals Death all around. To be touched by the Truesword of a Rune Master is to meet Death itself.

For those who are not at least Masters of their God's Runes, this death is final; there can be no resurrection, nor should there be. Foul skeletons and zombies and the lesser undead crumbled to dust before the Truesword, often at its very sight. Indeed, all but the greatest undead will cower in abject terror before it, and take horrific, searing wounds from its merest touch.

The Truesword of the Heroes of Humakt is legendary. The Hero is Death Incarnate, Humakt's instrument in the world. The black glow and dread of death emanate from him, and the sword in his hand is a fathomless pool of flashing, doomladen darkness. Almost none can face him. Armour, unless forged in Hell itself, parts effortlessly beneath his blows. All but the most powerful Rune Masters will never rise again if slain at his hand.

And the Sword severs more than life: clans are ripped from tribe, warrior from home, apostate from God. Even mountains and city walls cower before this embodiment of Death. The Truesword, then, is holy. Mastery makes of it a shrine, which is wherever the Master is. The Truesword cleaves through the fabric of the world itself, to where Death waits in the Underworld, ever eager to receive guests in its lightless realm. The Truesword guards death from the undead. Its vigil prevents the dead from rising, as they should not..." (unfinished...)

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