Truth on the Wind
Can be used as a "scouting" ability - send the winds out to explore an area. Just bear in mind that what's doing the looking is a wind. It can hear and feel, but not see. So no colours. Also, if it's being used to listen in on a conversation, only those parts that are true can be heard. A "detect truth" spell, in a limited fashion.

Can be used to send a message - provided that message is true! Limited to being used by Devotees (reason/justification unknown, but required so as not to overpower it - this isn't one you can improvise as an initiate). It will travel at the speed of the wind, by definition. Normally, the Devotee can only send such a message to a known location (not to a specific person at an unknown location). This is often used in battle for giving orders. Recently Dori has realised that the target need not be in sight, if their location is known precisely, or if she has no objection to everyone in an area which includes the target hearing the message. She can therefore use the wind to report to Yodi, since his location is unfortunately stationary. However, since her location is not known to Yodi with any great precision, orders coming back are still restricted to runners.

And, possibly, can only be heard by someone with a Truewind affinity, i.e. a Hereward initiate?

Dori and Siggyr can use it, as of course can Illig.
Seledd can't - Rigsdal devotee
Nor can Yodi - Hu devotee

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