Feats HuOfTheNineSilences

Deafening Silence

As used:
"Kallai! I have a message for you from Rastorlanth regarding..." he pauses as he sees Octavian. Kallai is quickly aware of the situation, he makes a small gesture towards Octavian.

Suddenly the world is silent but not just silent. It is almost painful and no sound arrives at his brain, even his own thoughts seem muffled and quiet.

Octavian watches as Kallai and the other man have a brief conversation before the newcomer leaves. Kallai's finger flick in swordspeech
telling Octavian "You should return to your companions and come back tomorrow as we discussed."

It takes many minutes before Octavian's hearing starts to return and as it does his ears are filled with a terrible ringing driving him almost mad with irritation.
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