Assess Leader Ritual

Not final name but a working name

Can possibly be used in one of two ways:

Formally would look rather similar to the Weigh Truth Ritual with scales and a truth rune that will be used to weigh the words of the leader to this would assess the leader based on the Herewardi code for leaders.

Informally, would allow the Herewardi to the Truewind directly to judge the leader against the Herewardi standard. The results of the assessment would only be available to the individual Herwardi.

Probably the assessment is in some way measuring the breath of the leader. Seems a reasonable thing, Orlanthi are keen on their breathing (Four sacred breaths)

Comic effect

Following on from last nights discussion.

How about "Breathalyser"? As in "Here we go sir, just blow into the tube until I say stop. Keep going.. keep going. Stop, now I have to caution you that the light has gone red, that means you have been a bad boy..." :-))))

And in a less formal testing you can just smell the badness on the leaders breath.

I'm shocked. This is a serious bit of mythology we're dealing with here, and you want to bring cheap jokes into it? When I stop giggling (thanks, I needed that!) I'll come up with a proper analysis of Carmanian Etymology to show what it *should* be called. (Don't hold your breath, in any sense.)

But I think the tube stays.

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