One of Dori's followers, but sometimes used as an NPC in her own right. Now one of her "Storms" (unofficially)

Humakti (sub-cult as yet undefined). Hereward initiate, interest in leaders who don't let you down.
Originally met on the Cradle, as one of Karrath's group.

Trained in first aid (by Dori), also has common magic healing from her original clan.

Keyword: Humakti warrior 17 Significant abilities: Healing 3W, rel White Quartz Clan 13, rel. Karrath Sing-and-die 18
Met on the Cradle, where she mentioned having some healing ability from her former clan. Joined just after the Last Battle. Described earlier in chronicles as "compact".

Initiated to Hereward and joined the Legion (Dori's 10) shortly after the group got to Pavis.
"Evaluate Leadership" as a feat.
Gift geas: "Never accept magical healing" would be amusing, since she's one of the few Humakti who can do it. She can now do it on everyone but herself :)
"You said at the time, Hereward has an interesting sense of humour."
The standard gift is "Raise one specific sword's rank by 5 against a specific foe species" - make that humans.

Here's what she says about her background:

Yes, that's right, that "rel. White Quartz clan" might be better described in terms of the one member of it who she knows is still alive. "Resent Kallyr" at 13 or so.
Or, as we now know, quite a bit higher. They've met, and it wasn't happy.

Father: Harvarnos "Horse-thief" Gristeldsson
Mother: Belkari the Shadow
Aunt: Torvalla

"Before I died, was was brought up in the Enjossi clan of the Colymar by my mother's sister and her husband. She'd married into it, so I had no other kin there, and always felt - separate, I suppose. Aunt Torvalla had taken me in because she felt obliged to, no more. Severing from them was almost a formality. But before she took me there as a small child, before my mother died and my father with her, I was Elendala Harvarnosdottir, of the White Quartz of the Kheldon."

She now has iron scale armour that looks like normal bronze (each scale has been plated) and will soon be enchanted for her. A present from Kallyr or her own second-best set, as she wants to keep her both as safe as possible and not a target, so looking "normal".

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