Born 1600
Childhood as an apprentice archaeologist
15-17 ?
Left home at 17, joined Moon Killers. Initiated to Hu.
Initiated to Hereward early 1619, joined Legion
Joined Siggyr and the Legion (Third Cohort) before Whitewall (or in the very early days there)
Followed Siggyr from cohort to cohort

Now 21


Homeland: Heortling 17

Archaelologist 13
Know Archaeology 13
Dig Site Lore 13

Warrior, with Moon Killers 17
Guard Camp 1W
Know Lunar Tactics 3W
Sword Fighting 15W
Recognise Foe 6W
Swear like a trooper 12W
Make Camp

Legionary 15
Temple Regulations 20
Sword and Shield Fighting 4W
Loyal to Herewards Legion 5W
Legion Tactics

Scout 1W
Estimate Numbers
Keen Senses 7W
Move Under Cover 4W
Ride 3W
Run Fast
Silent Movements 7W
Scout 19W
Watch from Hiding 5W
Scan for Danger 9W

Young and Immature 17
Tactless 5W
Angry 3W
Prove he's his own man 11W

Growing Up At Last 13

Devotee of Hu 10W

Initiate of Hereward 2W


Friend of Wolfhelm 13
Terrified of Illig 1W
Wants to regain respect of Siggyr 1W

Extra skills

Hide in Cover 3W
Camouflage self 8W
Befriend Praxian tribesmen 14
Praxian Survival 13
Praxian Battle Tactics 13
Strong 13
Tall 13
Kill Savagely 20
Honourable 9W
Hates Lunars 17
Fearless Killer 2W
Survive Battle 20
Grim 17
Taciturn 2W
Determined 2W
Fatalistic 17



Sword Combat Affinity 8W (Cut Deep, Decapitate Foe, Great Blow, Sword Help, Truesword Stroke)
Death Affinity 12W (Shield Destroyer, Weapon Destroyer, Bless Corpse, Death Song Berserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Visage of Fear, Silence of the Grave)
Honour Affinity 5W (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward)
Truewind Affinity 6W (Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth,Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual)
Silence Affinity (Silence of the Mind)

Visage of fear

Wyter blessings
Legion Wyter Blessing Function 19W (Illuminate Darkness, Recognise Preparation For Attack, Unbreakable Weapon)
10th Cohort Blessing: Hide in Shadow 18 Conceal Nature 18

Gifts and Geases
Hu’s Combat Blessing: +5 to any sword fighting skill, Never use a mace
Hereward's Code
Efrodar's Blessing: Mental Ability of Survive Battle at 12, Never leave a battle while it is being fought


Mauvin (Cousin, Helamakt Devotee) 19
Abilities: Spear and Shield fighting 12W, Egil should not be out without a keeper 2W
Relationships: Loyal to Egil 1W
Affinities; Clouds (Call Clouds, Command Cloud Daimon Ritual, Fly Up To Clouds, Walk On Clouds) 1W2
Rain (Call Cleasing Rain, Call Fertile Rain, Call Flooding Rain, Command Rain Daimon Ritual, Stop Rain, Call Killer Rain, Freeze Rain) 16W
Combat (Blow Down Foe, Catch Arrows on Shield, Cutting Wind Blast, Entangling Mist, Shield Attack, Shielding Mist) 6W
Storm Voice feat 7W
Spear +3, Shield +1
Normal fighting ability 16W, with shield attack 19W

Gerras (Zebra Rider, Waha initiate) 17
Abilities: Endurance 19, Guard Camp 7W, Know Broo Tactics 1W, Know Local Area 9W, Spear fighting 16W, Short bow fighting 3W, Recognise Fighting Style 19,
Recognise Foe 2W, Ride 18W, Scout 13W, Zebra Cavalry Charge 1W2
Killstick spirits: Strike 2W, Fearless in Battle 3W, Hurt Chaos 13W
Mean and Meaner spirits: Strike 15, Hurt Otherworld Enemy 5W, Ignore Pain 10W
Zebra skin fetish tied round his left arm with Strike 17W and Fearless in Battle 14W

Spear +3, Leather Armour +1
Normal Fighting ability with all charms and fetishes active; 15W2. Against Chaos 18W2. Against Otherworld Enemy 18W2

Yaren Blackstaff (Devotee of Issaries the Guide)
YarenSheet YarenBackground
and hence possibly Reana 8W (Initiate of Enferalda the Supporter 5W, Drive Yaren Nuts 5W, Organise Efficiently 6W, Encourage Others 7W)

Special equipment

Barzaad's Tooth
Sedenya’s Bluff (Shield) 19; Ward Blow 18, Deflect Moon 18
Chainmail and Helm +3

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