Egil Ruinejäger

Egil was born of the Longbank clan in southern Sartar in 1600. His mother, Ernaldesta, and father, Harvast, were both followers of Lankhor Mhy with a specific passion for archaeology. As he grew he too took a keen interest in the digging and exploration of old ruins, so much so that among his friends he became known as “Ruinejäger” or the ruin hunter. When he was eight years old his mother gave birth to twin sisters but before they had reached their first birthday both had succumbed to wasting disease. This brought an end to his previously joyful childhood, his mother became withdrawn and resentful and his father threw himself into his explorations all the more. His only respite from the sadness of his life was his cousin Mauvin, his inextinguishable joy and sense of fun dragged Egil kicking and screaming into young adulthood. Mauvin had always been a strange one though and one day he disappeared and Egil could find no sign of him anywhere. He returned a day later, covered in blue woad. This was much to Egil's great amusement, he laughed heartily until Mauvin cracked him over the head with his spear. Mauvin's conversion did spark a religious curiosity, questioning whether his current attachment to Orlanth and Lankhor Mhy were necessarily correct. For now these thoughts were just that, thoughts, and he did nothing to further them.

In the south there had barely been any interference from the Lunar invaders but shortly after he turned 17 that all changed. The local Lunar commander issued an edict to the Longbanks to supply food and auxiliaries to the army. When this wasn't forthcoming he had the chieftain,Harovan Spearcatcher, and his wife and daughters crucified and then installed a sympathetic Issaries priest in his place. The clan descended into bickering and in-fighting before those who would not fall under the Lunar yoke fled. They formed an outlaw band, living wild in the hills, they called themselves the Moon-killers. The Moon-killers, raided the Lunars whenever and where ever they could. They ambushed supply trains, raided camps, kidnapped and murdered nobles and dignitaries. During this time Egil met up with a rough old man called Jangor Longlegs. Jangor followed Humakt and he started to show Egil what life outside of Orlanth's ring was like. Egil was hooked, his already gloomy outlook had been turned murderous by his attachment to the Moon-killers, Humakt seemed so well suited to his new life that he formally requested to Jangor that he be allowed to join and learn more of Death. In fire season of his 19th year Egil took the oaths and became an initiate of Hu. He surrendered his spirit and died and then Hu allowed him to live again and bring his sword to bear on the world in the name of Death. He found himself separated from his cousin in a way that was unexpected but neither was it entirely unplesant so it was a change they both accepted and lived with. Another great change in his life was about to happen to Egil. By now the Lunars had started to hunt the Moon-killers and as their search lengthened so it became more earnest. After many seasons the Lunars managed to lure the Moon-killers into a trap, as the outlaws ambushed a caravan they in turn were ambushed by the Serpentine Phalanx. They found themselves very hard pressed and would have soon succumbed had it not been for an officer, a 100 thane called Siggyr, in a small band of warriors known as Hereward's Legion. He had heard rumour of what was to pass with the ambush and thought he would intervene and see if any of the Moon-killers would prove useful to the legion. His 100 fell upon the flank of the Serpentine Phalanx and smashed it. With their shield-wall in disarray the phalanx were all but defenceless. The Moon-killers were resurgent and leapt forward into the fray with renewed vigour. Soon there were but 10 survivors of the Phalanx who fled the field. Most of the Moon-killers had died in the battle but Egil and Mauvin remained alive and undaunted. Siggyr had seen Egil fighting and decided that, though raw, here was someone who could be turned into a useful fighter and weapon for Illig to use. He offered Egil a post within one of his 10s, Egil accepted this. Mauvin was unsure so joined as an auxiliary and took no vow but followed his cousin anyway...
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