Sun County looks - pale blonde hair, brown eyes. Tall, not so much slim as lean. Death rune tattooed on one cheek. Usually dresses plainly but well. Her preferred weapon is a very obviously magical Esrolian rapier (that's the C15 cut&thrust sword, not the later period knitting needle). The rest of her gear is "normal" - mail shirt, helmet, small shield.
After I saw "Kill Bill", she started to look a bit like "The Bride" from that.

Keywords, broad abilities, and so on

Sun County female 17
but without the relationships.

Legionary 5W
Loyal to Legion 5W2
Ignore rank outside Legion 15W
Wyter Blessing Function 18W (Illuminate Darkness, Recognise Preparation For Attack, Unbreakable Weapon)
7th Cohort Blessing: Face Horror 6W XXX
10th Cohort blessings

Duellist 10W
Normally 1H sword only, will also fight sword & dagger
Can fight left-handed (at about -5) and will swap mid-fight
(Undeserved) reputation in Pavis due to killing the Marble Phalanx champion +5 10W2 (that was his CC)

Spy 15W
See History - her "useful contacts" include some very senior figures in the Rebellion and in Sun County.
But she's sworn an oath never to mention the events of 1611-1613 to anyone who doesn't already know about them.

Ability going up to due intensive use in Pavis as acting Raven.

Junior officer 1W

Devotee of Hereward 5W
Death 5W (Bless Corpse, Death Song Berserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Visage of Fear, Shield Destroyer, Weapon Destroyer +3, Separate emotion)
Truth 5W (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward, Forge War Ring Ritual, Cleanse Impurity)
Truewind 12W (Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth +2, Truth on the Wind +5, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual, Clear the Air)
TOTW going up, she's been using it a LOT as acting Raven. Now 17W
Seek Truth +5
See all sides of an argument
Arkati tendencies on Heroplane

First Aid 5W
Surgery +10
bedside manner -10
Relationship to Great Hospital, Nochet 15 (she learnt there, and at one point taught basic surgery)

Other bits
Well-travelled 2W
Careful gambler 10W (that's how she made her money)
Experimental Heroquester 7
Ba Hariya's Blessing (never go thirsty) 15

Gifts and Geases

Yan Starcere's armour blessing Enchanted armour (given away when she left the sub-cult) Never lie to outsiders Hu initiation
Jonorals Blessing Regain 1AP a round whilst in combat / +5 self confidence Never refuse challenge to 1-to-1 combat, even from a non-Humakti Hereward initiation
Hu's Sword blessing +5 on sword Never accept healing from a non-Humakti on Sword
Special! Tireless skill Never consume alcohol devotion to Hereward


Blade of Light

Iron ring from Garrath


Joined Dori right back in 1617 in Nochet, after Dori rescued her mother (Queen Hama).
I believe she's now about 20.

Keyword: Devotee of Babeester Gor 17 (Axe combat, three affinities, protective of women, protective of earth priestesses, hates men)
Significant abilities: Intimidate Males 13, Warrior 2W, Smell emotion 19
That's the original figures, I suspect we need to up them a bit, in fact.

Disrespectful of authority
Hates spiders

Combat summary v. Barefang:
Warrior 2W
Babs devotee 17 +2 (three affinities, protective of women, hates men) 5*2 = +10
Intimidate Males 13 +1
Sodding enormous shield, axe +2,+3
brave (or something) +2 or so
loyal to Dori 5W +3
5W2 so +5 to Dori

Combat summary v. Barefang:
Humakti warrior 17
iron scale +3+3
sword +3
shield +1
Unbreakable Weapon 18W +4
sword is blessed against humans, not trolls
11W so +3 to Dori

Humakti (Hu) warrior 5W
Affinities at 17. Initiate, so uses feats at 12 (or more likely, doesn't).
"Inherited" from Herric. He held and cast the Raven Warding on the Cradle. Partner to Elnor (Jamal's retainer).
Joined Legion (and Hereward) at Pavis.
Quiet, bearded.
Protective of Dori 1W
Campfire cook 18
Clear-headed 17
Harstakus' Blessing: Gain the physical abilities of Resist Poison and Resist Disease at a rating of 12 each. Never use poison.
Hereward gift/geas?

Combat: 5W+2 for magic +3 for Brave +6 equipment +2 for protecting Dori (if he is) 18W, or +4
"Herric checks that Oddus and Elnor are competent on horseback - they can certainly ride well, he finds, but are uncomfortable with the idea of the fighting from the saddle. Still, they are willing to learn and make good progress."


Named after a more famous trollkin.
Messenger, "acquired" since Dori came to Pavis. Possibly one of Geran's gang, knows his way in and out of the Rubble.
NPCTrolls for generic stats
Repeat message 10W
Understand messsage 13
Wriggle past any obstacle 15W
Move fast 15W

Combat summary v. Barefang:
Sword & Shield Fighting 10W
Loyal to Legion 5W2 +5
Unbreakable Weapon 18W +4
Death 5W Weapon Destroyer +3 to 8W, +3
Truth 5W Cutting Wind of Truth +2 to 7W, +3
Jonorals Blessing +5 self confidence
+5 attack (speed of light)
+5 attack (feather-weight)
+5 v. trolls (sonic attack)
+5 v. trolls (burning touch)
Armour, shield, basic sword +3+1+3

Add followers
17W3 +5+3+4

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