Brought up in Pavis, left home as a result of events described at the end of the Shattered Mirror scenario (though with her memory of those events missing!), initiated to Humakt/Hu by Brenna in Pavis at the age of 15. Joined the Legion first as Brenna's apprentice, then in her own right. Initiated to Hereward a year later, age 16. Fought through the Righteous Wind battles, then (1611) started work as a sub-contracted caravan guard. Well, that's what most of the Legion know, anyway. In fact she was a messenger/spy ("Raven's Eye") between Sartar and Sun County. If you look in the Secret History (go down 5 paras), you'll find messages going back and forth between Kallyr and Vega, trying to synchronise rebellions (they nearly managed it). Dori was the messenger, and that final report, she helped compile as well as delivering.
Rejoined the Legion in 1613 just in time to get in on the start of the Rebellion (no, this timing is not a coincidence).
1613-1617 - unknown as yet.
In 1617, at 24, she was sent to Nochet to investigate what might have happened to one of the missing cohorts many years earlier. We don't know if she found out anything, but she did get involved with a group called the Blades of Light, and end up with what she thought was an over-powered Lottery Sword but was also their group wyter. Killed a lot of trolls, made friends with a Babeester Gori and her mother. Didn't cope too well with having to kill lots of her friends in duels (they kept challenging for the sword), turned to alcohol as a solution. Last duel (described here) was the last straw. Luckily Brenna turned up and dried her out before she killed herself with liver failure, and she seems to have acquired her "no alcohol" geas duing a nasty bout of DTs. Went Devotee of Hereward shortly afterwards, dropping Hu, and this seems to have stabilised her.
Met Jamal in Nochet.
1617-1619, location and actions unspecified, though a half-written short story seems to suggest that she and Kristen were guarding caravans again (as a cover for..?) shortly after leaving Nochet.
1619, went with the Legion to Whitewall (various shenanigans there, again in partly-written story format).
Looks like she's been with them ever since.
1621, in-game, took over as Ten-thane after Brenna was injured, then resigned in Jamal's favour when the events of the Shattered Mirror left her temporarily mentally unstable (in her opinion).
Now an NPC, is back as ten-thane, and has taken over the Intelligence side of the Raven position, since Yodi has not recovered enough from his injuries to do the job. Seems likely to become Raven in her own right once she makes hundred-thane - but there is at least one person ahead of her in the promotion queue, and no spare slots.
At the end of the Vampire scenario, met her father again, forgave him, and killed him.

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