Dark Tongue

Spoken: the language of trolls, requires trollish hearing to use properly. A pidgin form exists, used by trollkin and humans.

Elder Races: "Trolls speak Darktongue, one of the oldest languages of Glorantha, and certainly the oldest written language. Written Darktongue must be carved into stone or metal, and can be read by feeling with one's fingers."
"It says somewhere that Cragspider's history is written with 10 foot (?) pictograms carved into a mountainside."
I now believe that there are two written forms of Darktongue: one is the oldest written language in Glorantha, and readable only with Darksense the other was invented by the worshippers of Arkat Kingtroll and is much more like a human written language.
It can be carved/chewed into most things. Stone for mundane records, lead for sacred texts.

The writings in the Humakti/Jalmar/ Kaargan temple will be new version, in stone. They can be read by humans.

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