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Shattered Mirror

With Govan

They reach a small house down a back road on the scrubbier end of Sun Town. Govan lets himself into the courtyard, and gingerly helps Dorinda through the door before pausing.

"I know we haven't always been friends Dori, but we're kin, and you should know I'd never allow anyone else to hurt you. We'll get you washed up here, and then we can get home to mother. It'll be ok."

Inside, a collection of men watch her arrival with curiosity but no comment. They are dressed for temple, and have obviously gathered here before heading to worship. Govan is joined by one of the younger men, and together they take Dorinda into the kitchen of what is obviously a household without women. She is given a pail of water to wash with, and the privacy of a curtained off area, whilst the young men begin to brew her a drink.

The herb infusion warms her stomach and calms her. All the while Govan is stroking Dorinda's hair and comforting her in the tone of voice one uses with frightened horses. His words begin to take on a mellifluous, hypnotic quality that makes Dorinda feel sleepy and dreamy.

The last thing that Dorinda remembers is being gathered up in Govan's arms, and carried from the kitchen to somewhere else in the house. There are other men, dressed in white, and they gather around her. She notices vaguely that their temple garb does not bear the usual runes of Yelmalio, and after that everything goes blurry.

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