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Shattered Mirror

Youth III

Clutched in each others' fervent embrace, the miscreants do not notice the gang's soft-footed approach. Only the leader's rude guffaws startle Dorinda from her pursuit of further kisses.

"Ha! Lookey what we got! Lovebirds! One lovebird from Sun Town, and another from the Rubble, from the look of him. Might be a broo, with all that scars and scabs and snot. What kind of a tart must she be to snog a monster like that?"

The gang, seven or so hoodlums that despite their roughness appear to have made an attempt to look like dandies, snicker loudly at their chief's wit. Dorinda draws back, shocked and embarrassed by their crudeness.

Gerfan is on his feet in a trice, fists clenched in defiance. "I know you Oddi, and I'd fight you on fair terms if you weren't such a coward with your bum-buddies to pitch in for you."

Oddi sucks in his cheeks with amusement, for he makes almost double Gerfan's size. "Now you know, little broo, that I've told you not come spreading diseases round my part of town. We don't like the smell. I think we're going to have to teach you and your little friend a little lesson."

With that, Oddi knocks Gerfan to the floor with one punch, and five of his gang begin to kick and cudgel the boy's sides until he is limp and unconscious. The other two hold Dorinda, forcing her to watch Gerfan's suffering.

Dorinda kicks and bites and howls as Gerfan is reduced to a bloody mash of pulp and rags. She gets a knock or two in return, but barely feels them through her hysteria.

When done with Gerfan, Oddi turns and cocks his head at her, obviously trying to decide what to do with this lass from Sun Town. He is probably thinking that maybe she could make trouble for him - a girl like that probably has a father, and brothers, and Sun Town people look after their own, he knows.

He's dead right.

As he slams into the ground Oddi's look of surprise is something that fixes itself in Dorinda's mind. It takes some moments to register that it's not a what that has fallen on him, but a who that has jumped on his shoulders. This who appears to be very angry indeed, and he lays into the ruffians immediately to hand, dispatching them with swift punches. With this display of pugilistic prowess the rest of gang take to their heels, not without throwing nervous looks over their shoulders as they flee.

Govan approaches Dorinda softly, as one might approach a wounded animal. "Did they hurt you, my sister?" he asks. She shakes her head mutely, but only points at Gerfan's prone form. After a quick look Govan shakes his head. "He'll live, but not if he comes round to visit you again. Dad would impale him. We'd best get you cleaned up before we go home, eh? Come, I've a friend who lives not far away."

With that Dorinda, her oldest brother holding her protectively, begins to make her way back towards Sun Town.

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