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=====Shattered Mirror=====

===Youth II===

A raised whisper from the courtyard gate: "Dorinda… Dorinda!"


Dorinda halts her spinning, a grin quickly spreading across her face. Gerfan can be half-seen, peering around the gatepost, a mop of unruly, dirty hair falling into his eyes. Scabbed and snotty, her best friend, Gerfan is precisely the kind of trouble she needs this morning. Frantically gesturing her to follow him, he obviously has adventures on his mind more enticing than stupid house-chores!

"Dorinda! Dorinda!" her mothers voice, getting louder now. "Now! The kitchen! Don't make me come and …." But Dorinda is already sneaking toward the gate, her mind stubbornly set. "Dorinda! No! You boy! You filthy beggar's brat, I've warned you about coming round here!" A stone is flung from the direction of the kitchen door. "Dorinda! Don't you dare! Dorinda!"

But the rascals have already made good their escape, slipping through the gate and the well-meaning arms of a righteous citizen, fleeing down the side-streets of Sun Town, giggling like hyenas. They race as far as they can, until, lungs bursting, they collapse in an alley, falling in a tangle of limbs and laughter. They lie on their backs and howl, for no good reason at all, occasionally glancing at one another and starting to howl again.

Finally their mirth subsides. Gerfan wipes his eyes and says: "Do you want to swim? It is too hot to do any more running." Looking up he sees Dorinda watching him intently, an unnerving thing. She draws closer, quietly, transfixing him with her stare. There is a wordless moment - a look of shock on his face, purpose on hers - and then, decisively, she kisses him.

Gerfan is initially startled, but responds ferverently, and with a passion that forces Dorinda backwards, her hand reaching out to steady herself. Later she will realise that she has cut her hand somehow, leaving a scar that will never heal.

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