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Shattered Mirror


Scene change.

Dorinda twirls happily, comfortable in the glow of Yelmalio's divine morning light. Her dress flows around her; the daisy chain around her neck bounces gaily. Today is a good day. The first weeks of Fire Season are a special time for her, as her beloved God begins to rise to his full height. In a few hours, when the sun is overhead, the men will gather and pay homage to Him.

She will not be there. Dorinda is young. She is female. They say she is not worthy. They point her to Voria, and Ernalda, and bid her know her place. In secret she offers up her own rites, dancing here in the courtyard, basking in Yelmalio's Light.

"Dorinda!" Her mother's voice. "Come child! Stop your foolishness - there is work to be done in the kitchen afore your father returns from the temple. Sweep! Clean! Bake bread! Make your idle hands useful, for otherwise evil will find its own use for them!"

The joy ebbs slightly, she turns more vigorously, wishing that the God would gather her up, love her, give her a spear, and keep kitchen duties for her stupid mother.

"Dorinda! Dorinda!"

Dorinda spins regardless, her love of Yelmalio joining with hatred of her weak, insipid mother. Mother is unworthy of Father's love. Mother is unworthy of Yelmalio's love. But despite what others may think and say, Dorinda knows that she is worthy. She will be a Light Son - no! A Light Daughter! She will slay ugly trolls with her spear, banish darkness from Glorantha and bring Yelmalio's Divine Light to all people.

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