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Shattered Mirror


Jamal turns from Mara and the statue of the Earth mother, feeling spent but exhilarated at the same time.

He hears the soft patter of the rain, and feels the easier atmosphere which seems to pervade this place now.

He then glances round and sees Aelf holding up the severed head of the shrivelled priestess.....

Enraged, Jamal marches up until his face is directly in front of the young Kargani, ignoring both the dripping blood from the severed head, and the Dragon blade that the warrior holds.

"This was not Legion business........" he yells in Aelf's face, "Her power base here is gone, the rest the protectors here can take care of...."

"Whenever the Legion's own are harmed, then we can kill and slaughter to your heart's content, with my blessing."

"We are legionnaires not avenging vigilantes, and I will have discipline here..."

The unruly Kargani at first appears surprised by the Carmanian's volume and range of words. Then, as if pointedly taking stock of the Hazar, he looks him up and down in silence for a few heartbeats.

"So, you're the acting Ten now?" he says with affected nonchalance, if not a touch of insolence.

"Yes I am Ten, at least until we reach Pavis, and if you don't like that than you can either take it up with Yodi there, or settle it now"

Anger flares in the young weaponmaster's eyes, throwing the severed head to the floor of the temple he makes his way over to the Ten.

"Until then, we do not execute on a whim whatever the percieved wrong unless it directly impacts the legion. Down that way leads the path of torture and wanton destruction."

"That is not the way of Her'Ward"

Jamal looks Aelf directly in the eye, evenly but with suppressed anger.

Stopping just short of Jamal he drives the main three blades of his strange Kralorean weapon into the blood soaked earth.

"I would not stand idle while such filthy maim innocents, babes in arms. Legion, or not!" he spits.

Then just as he looks ready to boil over his demeanour suddenly cools. There is silence in the stone hewn chamber.

"Yet I am Legion, and you are the Ten. There has been enough Far Walker justice for one day"

With that Aelfwyrd turns away and taking up his weapon leaves the temple.

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