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Under attack by Lunars, possible Yelmalian allies – well, at least she can rely on her own troops, and those closest to her in particular. She knows how the Lunars will react now, faced with an obviously out-numbered foe: regroup, make sure of their position, then come in to attack when they can be certain of taking minimal casualties.
"Shield wall!" Her troops don't need to be told any more than that. She'll need to be more specific for the Sun Domers, though, thinking for themselves isn't something they're into. "You: hold the flanks!" She waves them into position. "In line with the columns – go on, move! Yes, you, that side." She grabs one who's standing in the middle dithering and pushes him to the left.
Dorinda's orders instantly stir the Herewardi to action. The Yelmalians, however, seem startled at her words. They look around in some confusion until one of their number, dressed in even more splendid robes and hood, barks out an order.
"Ignore her, prepare to defend yourselves and the sanctity of this place."
Dorinda experiences a momentary rush of surprise - a voice she recognises, but cannot place.
With recent experience of pushing back the effects of heavy drinking, Enfrew has no trouble to suppress the dizziness and bolster the outnumbered defenders. "To your feet, warriors!" he shouts. "There is no place for weakness for you are accompanied by warriors of the Legion of Hereward Truewind, those same warriors who fought on the Cradle and brought death and defeat to countless Lunar soldiers and their mercenaries! We have countless more Lunars to kill before we die so get to your feet and fight!"
The Herewardi smile grimly, but the white-hooded Yelmalians simply ignore the warrior's cry.
Despite immediately responding to Dorinda's call to resist, Hrolf's history as a scout instinctively makes him survey his surroundings. Something does not feel right. He cannot remember how he got here. He feels queasy, as though suffering the after-effects of too much bad beer. He scans rapidly over the temple and its assembled defenders. Something is definitely not right. But what?
Wiping away the blood and spittle the Kargani takes a moment to look around. Lunar soldiers advancing on their position. Light armour and shields, scimitars and spears. Others with sheafs of javelins, some with bows. Skirmishers. They wear red feathers on their tunics, wild hairstyles dyed in myriad colours, their short regimental togas cut with careful attention. The tell-tale signs of Rinliddi - a private vexilla, from the look of it. They will plummet into battle like hawks.
A knowing smile plays over his lips. No chance for parley; battle is already upon them.
"Beware the charge from above!", Aelfwyrd calls.
"All is not as it seems, Herewardi! Measure twice, cut once!"
Hrolf's call alerts the Herewardi to the strangeness of the situation. As his words sink through their befuddled minds they realise that indeed, not all is as it should be. One thing is that the temple Yelmalians, strangely dressed in a manner that Landros cannot recall seeing before (although it makes Dorinda pause with the shadow of confused semi-recognition), appear to be preparing themselves to defend against both the oncoming soldiers and the Herewardi. The most obvious, however, is that none of the heroes appear to be armed.
Yes, you read that correctly!//@@
Cursing loudly Aelfwyrd bellows to Yrsga who has taken up a look out position nearby.
"Where are those damn weapons? Get them handed out or we'll be cut down like stick pickers"
Yrsga looks around blindly, her face a study of confusion and panic.
"There's nothing here boss!" she wails. "Where are they?"
Jamal casts around, he has been blindly following the orders of his ten thane, but there is something wrong.....
Those damn soft solars had left them with no way to defend themselves. Thsi confimed Jamals deepest held prejudices. Never trust a Darra Happan, their all rigid bastards....
Jamal would gladly dive straight to the attack trusting to the strength and the shield of his Lord Bisos to protect him, but the others of the legion may not be so willing.
"For the love of all that is righteous" he calls to the DH's in the white hoods "give us weapons to defend this place"
The Yelmalians are forming up with well practised drill, their spears a glittering arc of bronze. Facing both the approaching Lunars and the desperately preparing Herewardi, the Sun Domers appear ready to face all comers.
Jamal's cry prompts no response from them, save one man who hurls a javelin flat and hard at the burly Carmanian's chest. It would be no small feat to evade such a throw when prepared for it, but in Jamal's confused state it is a small miracle that he manages to start moving whilst the javelin is still in flight. As it is the spear leaves a ripple of blood down the side of his muscular torso, and Jamal finds himself with a weapon - of sorts.
The dizziness in Dori's head is partially driven out by shock. No sword? **NO SWORD???** Where... Who...? She forces down the panic. If she feels this bad, how are the others...? ah, Aelf and Jamal are already taking action. Fine.
Time to stop relying on instinct and start thinking, if she can. She's mildly surprised to notice that giving people orders apparently is instinct, now. Her mind drifts hazily back to a conversation in Whitewall: yes, that prediction had been spot on. She jerks herself back to the present. Think!
The immediate threat, the Lunars, is under control as best it can be. Well, almost, what's obvious to her may not be to others.
"Stand firm," she says, trying to project a calmness and certainty that she doesn't feel. "We can hold them off with magic until they're at very close range, and they've got a long way to go yet. Remember, there's no such thing as being disarmed when you hold Death."
Or, indeed, the North Wind.... a flying attack can be met with a cutting wind, if necessary.
What other enemies need to be taken account of? The white-robed Yelmalians she'd thought of as possible allies, but from their reaction they're treating us as potential enemies. Defensive, though, not moving to attack us. Fine.
Who's this other man trying to give orders? No idea, but he's against the Lunars... keep an eye on him, just in case he's more dangerous than he looks. A quick glance shows someone far too good-looking to be trusted, and she stifles an irrational spasm of dislike.
So, who's here of her own people?
Good - almost everyone. Vern seems to be missing, and Geran isn't here... but that's right, isn't it? Some are injured, but Janeera and the other healers are already attending to them. Ouch - Brenna doesn't look too good.
And while we're not armed, what //have// we got?
Well, those chairs might be useful, Jamal at least seems to have acquired a javelin, and some of the sun temple regalia looks nice and heavy, and.... what's this? Ah! Brenna's old wrist knife. The day is looking up...
Malan automatically grabs for his non-present axe for the third time, and curses. He looks at the Yemalians. If this is a camp, they may have extra weapons somewhere, but IS this a camp or are they just as confused about how they got here as the Herewardi?
His rapid scan of the temple reveals an open structure with few places likely to be capable of hiding weapons. It also doesn't look as though it were planned to be easily defended.
On the other hand, those pillars with their overhanging cap stones should come in very useful against the kind of aerial assault these Rinliddi might use...
Landros is on his knees again, his head swimming in confusion when he hears the command to prepare for an attack from above. He looks up briefly then takes a deep breath to gather his wits. "Sword, a sword" he mutters in a deep voice. "Where is she?" Stifling a groan he rises to his feet again. The Humakti seem to be forming into a shield wall, unarmed. The white robed Yelmalians also seem to form up somehow. Very well, they don't need him just now then. He takes quick stock of what he wears and his equipment, then tries to spy if his companions are here.
Although wearing his full armour, Landros is momentarily dismayed to find himself unarmed. His hands clutch around his empty sword belt before coming to rest on a hilt. Pulling the blade free, Landros' relief turns to resignation as he spies the puny knife that is his only remaining weapon. A weapon the God has forbidden him to use.
He sighs. Never a dull day.
Having found out that he is weapon-less the Kargani looks fit to burst with shame and rage in equal measure. Catching sight of one of the white hooded Yelmalian he directs a snarling curse his way.
"You got a problem with your ears? I said Rinliddi," then gesturing skyward "Attack from above?"
Getting no response he strides over to the temple defender and jabs a finger at his chest.
"Are you going to stand there all day waving that pointy stick like some sort of Esrolian eunuch? If you're not defending this position you're part of the problem.
"So what's it to be?"
In response to Aelfwyrd's challenge the prodded Yelmalian, apparently dazed in amazement during the Far Walker's outburst, immediately strikes the Kargani in the mouth with his spear butt, knocking him flat.
At this moment there is a howl from outside the temple - the Lunar charge has begun!
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Under attack by Lunars, possible Yelmalian allies

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