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Approach Leaving Sun County, travel, scouting.
Arrival Arrival at the city and the Humakt temple.
Parallel threads:
Siggyr and Jamal, or Landros talking to Seledd, or everyone else in a bar
Rejoining as Siggyr talks to Seledd and splitting even more as Malan goes off to Riverside
and then all back together listening to ducks at the Temple
Showdown between Aurel and Derenx
Starwatch ritual

After the Starwatch - Illig is back - general background catchup, acquiring new followers and so on.
Jamal and Raus ...being where Jamal reaches the Pavis townhouse of Lord Raus, talks of things Carmanian and eventually is reunited with his ward Abul

The previous resident - a Clue! Or something...
"It's shaped like a Death Rune!" - so what shall we (and others) do with it?
Back in the Rubble again
Humakt's Hall
Something Jalmari This Way Comes - a new PC.
In the Depths of the Temple - pass a ten-foot-pole, and listen at the door.
Meeting Vur - diplomacy
Trolls! - the extension of diplomacy by other means.
Clearing up
Hunting trolls We already know if you go scouting on your own in the Rubble at night, you can get jumped by all sorts of nasty things. So let's go in pairs instead. (Egil and Graylor)
Diplomacy - not Chit-chat among dead trolls (Jamal, Siggyr)

Background long-term The next week and a half, off-camera

A few days later - three parallel threads.
Civilised Carmanians
Graylor and Dori in Pavis
shortly followed by:
Graylor's initiation to Hereward - "Smithing Day" aka Fire Day, Death week, Fire Season, 1621
and finally:
Egil digging and chatting
Vampire alert!
Two parallel threads:
Egil alone and Attempts at tracking
and this might as well get its own thread: Yenda meets the Yelornans
So, Mr. Bond... The Master Villain explains his plans to (or at least in front of) Our Hero.
and at around the same time The rescue party sets off
The happy reunion in the vampires temple and partway through that Li Phanquann catches up with a vampire - or two?
Meanwhile back on the surface, the Lunars have decided to join in.
Making new friends

Back at the camp
Devotion discussions
Who's nicked me sword? In parallel:

Catch-up time and severing Santhis Separations, initiations.
more parallel threads
Egil goes to Dori Egil asks to join Dori's Ten
Abul takes initiatives
Reporting back, pre-ritual
HQ: taking Vivamort's cloak
So we've killed a god - now what?
Footprints in the dust a dramatic entrance for a new PC
and at the same time Abul and Yenda are going for darktongue lessons and discussions with Duke Raus
Back to the Rubble an undisturbed journey back home from the New City - honest.
Parallel threads for a bit
Introducing Khan and banter among the riff-raff (Urush, Irnar, Blackbeak)
The evening - changes, and strange alliances
Morning practice (Clay day, Movement week, Fire season)
Evening Silence (Clay day, Movement week, Fire season)
Initiation for two (Wind's day, Movement week, Fire season)

Khan's initiation (Wildday, Movement week, Fire season)

- Return of a messenger (Fireday, Movement week, Fire season)
- The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba the Kheldon (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- The Trial of Kallyr (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- A Private Meeting between Kallyr, Dori, Abul, Egil, Graylor and others (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- A Second Chance? Kallyr comes before Illig again (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- What next? Choose the next heroquest (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- Back in daylight? (Godsday, Movement week, Fire season)
- First thing next morning (Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season)
-- Starting the 10th Cohort (Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season)
-- Gifts for Dori's followers (Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season)
-- Finding out about Abul's past (Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season)
- Visiting New Pavis (Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season, mid-morning onwards
-- ChronP56Abul
-- ChronP56Egil
-- Chron56AbulReturn

-- Meanwhile, back at the camp...
-- ChronP56Defences
-- ChronP56Rescue
-- ChronP56Barefang

A few parallel threads starting Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season - evening
-- They think it's all over - it is now! then "He's not Humakti"
-- The Sword Path - Abul alone
-- Somewhere in Spol - NPCs only
and then...
- "He's not Humakti"
- The Sword Bridge
- Waking up
- A sad entry to the New City
- Abul in the Underworld

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