Various rumours gathered in bars

Ah, no, you don't want to buy a sword from him. Every third sword he sells is cursed to shatter on the third using. They say he tried to cheat a Humakti.
Don't be daft, if he'd done that they wouldn't curse him, they'd kill him.

You know that stall that sells traditional Old City snacks - rat-onna-stick? They're offering that new Lunar sauce with it now, the red one. Trying to say it's a Yinkini thing for catching rats, calling it "cat-sup", but I know red when I see it, an' I know where they take the empty jars back to.

Don't accept any gold that comes off the Cradle - they say it turns to lead in Dark season!

Griselda? Went off with Soreel, didn't she?? Everyone knows they were an item.

What's this about everyone having to be weighed? What's it for, new uniforms?
No, don't be daft, it'll be to see if we can fit on a moonboat, you know they can't take much weight. Lightest troops get to leave first, when the nomads invade.

Moonboat due tomorrow, I saw them clearing the landing area. Probably the new Governor arriving. I heard they're sending someone from Alkoth.
What, one of them demon berserkers?
No, that's just the bodyguard, I heard it's a woman, she's going to marry Pavis at the temple.
I heard it's a troll woman. You know they've got more than two...? no, really! In pairs, all the way down...

No, I'll eat here, not at the Reed. Well, try it if you must, but if you start talking about "work cycles", don't blame me. They say someone found it in Smalltown, and you know what that means. Seeing through the walls? No, it's not that bad. This is the Reed we're talking about - you can see through the walls! Remember that couple who went into that room and didn't hang a cloak over the cracks? Now she had a.....

Humakti? I dunno, I just stay out of their way, they're all mad, even the ducks.
Especially the ducks.
They say there's a full Thousand formed up at the Pairing Stones, waiting for someone who can afford to hire them.
What, ducks?
No, no, Humakti.
I met a Humakti duck in Rowdy Jos the other night, playing cards.
Oh, that's where your fingers went?

Why do women fancy HUmakti, anyway? They're not that good looking, well not all of them.

Derenx was eaten by a giant wolf.
No he wasn't, it just bit his hand off, he'd put it in its mouth for a dare.
Well, he's dead, isn't he?
Sure he is, you try fighting a duel with your sword-hand bitten off.

Taking hazia to sell in Sartar? Don't be daft, they're too backward to know what to do with it! Oh, it's Jovian's gang? Well, I suppose he's stupid enough to try it, and if he's paying the guards, we may as well take his money before he loses it.

No, you wouldn't catch me working down there. Too cold and wet.
Some of us don't get the choice - you join the army, you go where you get sent. My brother's down there now, he says they keep getting attacked by chaos, worse'n he ever got here. Chaos on the ground, giant wolves.
What, like the one that got Derenx?
No, bigger, and lots of them. If it isnt them, it's Vingans in the trees. Or both at once.
What, her again?
Sounds like it.
Well, my cousin's down there, and he says they never get touched.
Ah, but I hear his lot never get paid, either. . I reckon someone's paying the rebels to stay clear, they all do. But they're not complaining, rather be out of pocket than eaten.

"Pink is the new black"? What's that meant to mean?
I dunno, but I'm trying to find some pink-dyed wool. You seen what the prices are doing?

That new play? No, it's not an Orlanthi plot, I know that's what they say, but I know better. Did you see that flying chariot? It had dragons on!
It's all a wyrmish trick! They'll gather in the biggest audience they can, and eat them! They're still here, you know, the dragons. They're hiding in the old tunnels, they'll come out at night....
Ha, you're thinking of dragon-newts, lad, dragons, real dragons, they're big. If there's a dragon under the city, that tunnel's likely a nostril.
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