Anerash's post

Here's some of the stuff Vesekor found when looking through Anerash's mail. Some may actually be useful. Some is, I admit, just silly.

There are various orders to all unit commanders (if Vesekor checks his own mail, he’ll find he’s got a copy of these, too). There’s more of this than usual: the new "everyone-mail" system to duplicate all messages on paper so cheap it’s edible, by blasting the original and a stack of blanks with bright light that turns the shadows to charcoal, has encouraged sending rather trivial queries that carry no information but can be used as cheap food.

An order to report back the exact body weight of all their troops to Logistics, Catering Dept.

A new edict that fishing within the walls of the New City is strictly forbidden. Within the walls? Vesekor considers the fishing possibilities available, shakes his head, and moves on.

A note from the Lokarnos temple - would whoever ordered the 37 "Cora’s Apple" seedlings please collect them immediately. There is a fine payable for an incomplete requisition form, and there will be extra charges for each day of storage.

A general reminder that attempts to reactivate "search and destroy" orders that have been rescinded over seven years ago require a new justification to be made, and in particular, good evidence that the target is still alive. All such applications must be countersigned by an officer above the rank of Motarxus. Applications presented without such evidence may be subject to a charge of wasting court time, with a penalty to the applicant of further demotion.

Motarxus? That’s the Pelandan equivalent of Vesekor’s own rank of Vrimon – the officer in charge of a squad. Odd that they’d use that instead of the more generic "septon", there’s next to no Pelandan units here. In fact, old Hurfot the Stubborn’s probably the only officer in Pavis with a rank of Motarxus.

A rather querulous note from Records that the Everyone-Mail system must NOT be used for private business. The next in the heap is a suggestion that "everyone" might like to sample a new preserved meat product at a startlingly low price...

There’s some private mail, too.
An appointment in a few days with Ingeran Blackstaff at the Knowledge temple. The original was written in that weird Orlanthi scratch writing, and has been translated into New Pelorian in another hand. An invoice for the translation from the Irippi Ontor temple is attached.

Another invoice, this time from the Uleria temple. He seems to be being charged for damage to property: bed-linen, in particular.

Finally, a very official looking scroll, carefully tied in a complex knot with the infamous Lunar Red Tape, known to lethally tangle the unwary who might attempt to access documents for which they are not authorised. Vesekor, being familiar with the stuff, slides each knot off without untying it. It’s from Niosais in Sentient Resources – the officer in charge of the Equal Opportunities program - and it seems to be part of some correspondence on a legal case where she’s accusing Anerash of breaking an interesting selection of rules. Most are charges under the heading of unfair treatment of minority races.

"Did issue comments on the ease of obtaining replacements that could be interpreted as disparaging to their race.
Did force recruits to engage in sexual activities incompatible with their nature, to wit, solitary confinement.
Did fail to properly complete NK395b, in particular the "next of kin" section, on behalf of these new recruits."

And finally;
“We note that your defence relies on the supposed lack of witnesses for the prosecution, and with particular reference to the phrase "dead broo can't talk", would point out that this is factually inaccurate and in this case irrelevant.”

The rest is about which legal expert will be representing each side of the argument. Looks potentially expensive for Anerash...
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