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The route taken is going to be the most direct between the pens and the camp

The group as I understand it:

PC stats

Egil will be using the deathlight from his sword to see by.

Move without being noticed
Scout 19W
Silent movements 7W/+3
Move under cover 4W/+2

Notice enemies
Scout 19W
Scan for Danger 9W +3
Keen senses 7W/+3
Recognise preparation for attack 19W/+4
Honour Affinity 5W: Sense Ambush +3

Scout 13W

Know local area 9W
recognise foe 2W/+2
Total 11W

Wilderness Survival 15W
Relevant magic is all rituals.

Movement through Rubble
- Fast 17
- Feat: Know Way Home 1W/+2
- Talent : Stay Awake 17/+2
- Talent: Resist Fear 1W/+2
- "Didn't even flee from the bat" 13/+1
- Fear Darkness Demons 5W/-3
Young and immature 1W/-2 (covers "still drunk/brooding/hungover"
19 so far

Not being noticed:
Hide 1W (+1, that's for staying still)
Fade into Background 18/+2
Smaller than average 13/+1
Evade Darkness Creatures' Senses 5W/+3
Young and immature 1W/-2 (covers "still drunk/brooding/hungover")

Detection of enemies
- Listen 18
- Observant 19/+2
- Suspicious 17/+2
- Spot discrepancy 13/+1
- Sextus the trollkin 13/+1
- Feat: Light In Dark 18/+2
- Ashar's Recognize Preparation For Attack 18/+2
- Ashar's Illuminate Darkness 18/+2
Young and immature 1W/-2 (covers "still drunk/brooding/hungover"

He's a trollkin
move silently 14
Being used as an augment for Abul's detection

Movement through Rubble (without being noticed)
Mystic Movement 18
- Ashar's Illuminate Darkness 18/+2 (?)
Warrior 20 +2

Detection of enemies
Hu Initiate 16 (Sense Enemy)
Spy 10
- Ashar's Recognize Preparation For Attack 18/+2 (?)

Warrior 2W
Light affinity 8
Spear of Gold will be glowing if he holds it +5

Can see in the dark, or by Deathlight:

Can't see in the dark

Move quietly across the Rubble, first part
rough ground, no real paths
dark, some lighting (no sample given in HQ book) say 5?
base 14, so 19 resistance

Egil 4W2 major victory
Gerras 13W minor v
Yaren 15W minor v
Abul 4W marg defeat
Yenda 2W marg defeat
Santhis warrior 2W? say 17, nothing special marg defeat
Sextus move silently 14 no darkness mod minor victory

Move quietly and in the dark around Vur's base
Slightly more difficulty (less light being provided) and now there are consequences.
Gerras, Yaren, Abul resistance 2W, Egil, Yenda, Santhis 19, Sextus 14

Abul this time:
Not being noticed:
Evade Darkness Creatures' Senses 5W/+3
Hide 1W (+1, that's for staying still)
Fade into Background 18/+2
Smaller than average 13/+1
Young and immature 1W/-2 (covers "still drunk/brooding/hungover")

Egil 4W2 v 19 complete victory!
Gerras 13W v 2W major victory
Yaren 15W v 2W minor victory
Abul 7W v 2W minor victory
Yenda 2W v 19 marginal defeat
Santhis 17 v 19 marginal victory
Sextus 14 v 14 minor defeat

That can go in as a modifier to the next contest, opposition spotting them :)
2W for trollish senses, from last time. Make their victory level as healing target the opposition, plus any specials

Results for trolls:
Egil 20W minor defeat
Gerras 5W marginal defeat
Yaren 17 marginal victory
Abul 17 +3 marginal defeat
Santhis 17 marginal victory
Yenda 11 marginal victory
Sextus 8 minor victory

Spot opposition
Resistance 17 - the trollkin aren't all that disciplined

Egil 12W2 complete victory
Gerras 11W minor victory
Yaren 15W - 5 = 10W minor victory
Abul 8W (inc Sextus +1) marginal victory
Santhis 17 - 5 = 12 minor victory
Yenda 19 marginal victory

Next round of sneak etc as they pass Vur's base: on paper, transcribe some time.
The trolls can "see" Santhis and Sextus

Does Abul back-stab a troll?

Test against Fear of Darkness Demons
- Fear Darkness Demon 5W

- Loyal to legion 19
- Has sworn to never abandon Yenda 13/+1
- Uncompromising 18/+2
- Proud 17/+2
- Honourable 17/+2
- "Didn't even flee from the bat" 13/+1
- Talent resist Fear 1W/+2
- Braveheart's Face horror 6W/+3
Total 12W

rolled - bad roll, marginal defeat

"Egil signs back, "Regroup, retreat. If attacked I hold. Keep all silent." He pulls the dagger from the ground and heads off to find Abul."
So can he find Abul, and can he and the rest get past the troll(s) in the way without being spotted?
Abul, leading with "hide", 4W, Egil 12W2 to see him. Minor victory - enough.
Trolls 17 - major victory, he knows where they all are.
Can he get past them?

Estimate 11W2 v 16W for him. 20 v 14 for Yenda (using magic), 20-ish v 16W for the rest.

Attacking 2 dark trolls plus trollkin
He calls up his Great Blow magic while his Visage of Fear ripples across his face, as he asks for the wyter's blessing to make Barzaad's Tooth unbreakable. Then he springs from his low crouch and charges the larger of the 2 trolls swinging his blade at it

Sword fighting 15W
Fearless Killer 2W/+2
Kill savagely 20/+2
Strong 13/+1
Great blow 8W/+3
Visage of Fear 12W/+3
Unbreakable weapon 19W/+4
10W2 so far

Broadsword (Barzaad's Tooth) +3
Chainmail and Helm +3

Which would make 16W2 + Gerras

Sword and Shield Combat 17
Hazar Sword Combat 13/+1
Observant 17/+2
Agile 13/+1
Fast 17/+2
Humakt blessed sword +5

Total 8W (+3 from weapon)

plus 1 for shield
plus 20 for from behind/secret
Make that 9W2. Like it? :)

Yenda hesitates only a heartbeat before pressing Sextus' lead into Gerras' hand and chrging after Egil. She musters what magic she can starting with Ashar's unbreakable blade, she then puts on her own visage of fear and finaly as she executes her swift strike she throws the Doomwind full in the face of the troll.

Sword & Shield 2W
Unbreakable Blade 18W/+4
Death Affinity 20/+2
Trewind 13/+1
Mystic Movement 18/+2
Strike Fast 18/+2
Ruthless when required 15 / +2
Sword +3
Shield +1


Adding equipment (trolls get +6, +5 for heavy maces and armour), and followers (Gerras +4, trollkin gangs +3).
Egil 20W2 v 8W2 - minor defeat
Yenda 19W v 11W - minor victory
Abul 9W2 v 8W2 - minor victory

The opposition
I'm assuming trolls.
Here's what happened last time - how many are left? GmPlotTrolls
Their 2IC got away with a Leap.
Sextus is from this gang :) Probably more loyal to Abul now, though.

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