A trip into New Pavis

Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season - mid morning

It may seem as if a great deal has already happened this morning, but it has started at dawn, and it's still quite early. Graylor returns to Dori's quarters with Santhis in tow, still munching his bread from breakfast, and with a few others who need their new hundred-thane and want to make the most of her being available for a few minutes.

Egil is back, and perhaps surprisingly, Offir is back with him. Egil salutes smartly. "Permission to leave camp, ma'am. I'm not needed for mapping any more, and I want to ask the Sages what they can tell me about my sword."

Dori nods. "Right, good idea. You can go with Abul and Yenda then, when they're ready to leave. And Santhis, come to think of it - this is turning into quite the expedition, isn't it? I still want all of you protected by the new wyter before you leave camp, though."

Egil nods his assent, "I could do with something new, after I got kicked out of the 7th I lost a useful bit of protection there. Just as a point of interest, this is at least my second attempt to speak to the greybeards. Last time I had to lead some marbles on a merry dance around Pavis. I'll try and avoid the same thing happening again."

Dori looks a little surprised at the idea that he'd already lost access to the wyter of the Seventh, but makes no comment.

Elendala steps forward. "I'll be leaving camp too, if I may? The smith at the Yelorna temple - this is a nice enough bit of armour, but it needs a few adjustments."

"Oh?" Dori looks round at the new equipment, and at the armour in question in particular. "Oh. Yes, it does, doesn't it? All right - but you're getting introduced to the new wyter, too. Anything that helps hide you all from enemies is good."

Offir nods at that. "I'll be going with her. There's some things She," - he nods outside - "wants me to pick up."

"Right...." Dori looks at him, head cocked slightly. "Insterid getting twitchy about that?"

"Just a little." The edge to his voice suggests that she isn't the only one.

"Can't say I blame her. Kristen, you weren't about to ask permission to go off as well, were you?"

"No way - someone's got to stay here and look after you."

"Landros' Ten will do for that, you're going to be busy. Get over there, and make it your job to see Insterid doesn't get nervous. You can make the most of that huge new shield you've got."

By the time Abul is, in Yenda's protective opinion, recovered enough to travel, all the others have been introduced to their new wyter, and to a greater or lesser extent are able to use its magic.

Offir heads for where their horses had been picketed, then pauses. "The rest of you don't have mounts?"

"Not here," Elendala answers. "There's a few stabled in the New City - come to think of it, I should see about making sure Dori's is ready for when we travel. They left them with a trader when they boarded the Cradle, and he brought them up here and left them with another trader... Yaren, that was it. You remember him, Egil? The Issaries cultist who thought he knew about Hu the Silent."

Egil nods, "Yes, I do have a recollection of him. Always thought that the Issaries bunch were a funny lot, I suppose being opposite does that. You want me to go and see him? I'm all for meeting people who know, or at least claim knowledge, about Hu the Silent. I can check the horses and give Yaren a quiz about Silence at the same time."

"Please - that way at least one of us can stay in Dori's good books."

The group set off, heading NE along the road towards Vur's base. They've almost reached the junction where they'll turn NW towards the New City when there's a sudden flare of light from behind them - from the direction of their camp.

"Oh shit!" Egil sucks in his breath, "I've no idea what that was but if the temple is under attack we need to go back and help out. It'll only be a slight delay on our journey into the city if it turns out to be nothing but I'd rather not return to a bunch of corpses."

"Wait up Egil, that looks like the magic we saw the other night. You know where Dori used her Uz friends to flush out our visitor's location. And we know she is planning some large-scale magics today," Yenda reassures Egil. "Remember there will be Rigsdal magic happening and they seem fond of light shows. Besides, we wouldn't be much help especially considering who is back at camp."

Abul remains silent and looks hesitantly at Yenda and Egil. "Who is the higher in hierarchy in the group?" he wonders.

Egil shrugs. "True enough, I guess if there is trouble there that the Warlord can't deal with then the addition of my blade isn't going to change that very much. Let's get into the New City then."

Offir has remained entirely unperturbed by this, and simply nods to Yenda. "Seen that a few times before, and we'll see it a few times again. Nothing to worry about, as long as it's on your side."

Santhis is staring backwards in awe. "I've seen things like it - but the power...!"

Offir definitely isn't looking smug. At all. "What did you expect?" He turns his horse back towards the New City.

"Yes the power... that's Kallyr's...," mutters Abul in gagged admiration.

Once in the New City Egil nods to the others as they go their separate ways. "Right, I'm off to find Yaren and check on the horses. Then to the grey-beards. I'll meet you all there before we get back to base."

"I was thinking to join you," says Abul, "but early morning is a good time to disturb Lady Jakkanna and I have goodbye to say there. I propose that at least Yenda, Sarger and I go to Duke Raus' mansion and then we will meet at the Lankhor Mhy temple. We will have our Dark Tongue lessons there anyway."

"OK, try not to get in to trouble with the Marbleheads while you're here. I'll see you at the greybeards later."

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