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Welcome to the Tenth Cohort

Freezeday, Illusion week, Fire season - morning

Dori and Graylor fnd Landros, and go down into the protected area of the temple, inside the existing internal defences, Dori taking off the cloak as she goes.

"Welcome to the Tenth Cohort," she says a little wryly. "I'm afraid we don't yet know what traditions and rituals are supposed to go with this, so we'll use the traditional methods of the Seventh, and make it up as we go along. To start with, meet the Shadow Veil of the Death Guardian, holding the powesr of Vivamort's Cloak. Caspian has checked that it doesn't have any of the chaotic nature that source might imply, and I've discovered by experimentation that it helps me hide in shadows. I'd expect it to do the same for others. We found out in the last few minutes that the results look a lot like illusion magic to someone who's very used to dealing with that. Would you like another look at the effects, or shall we go straight into linking you to it?"

"Lets see the effects again please." Graylor asks.

She puts the cloak around her shoulders, glances round, then walks over to an area that's shadowy even by the standards of the dark temple. "Here we go..." She concentrates, and the cloak merges into the grey around it, one shadow among others.

"Neat," Graylor comments. "But, I have Fedarkor's eyes and they can see through the cloak easily."

"I can't see anything. Dori is just one more shadow," Landros states whilst staring intently at the spot he last saw Dori. "That's with just normal vision, let me see if Rigsdal will let me see more. If this is illusion magic, then maybe I can see Truth beyond the Veil." His eyes start to glow with light, then stop. "Yes, there she is. Illusion magic, definitely."

Graylor continues to study the effect of the cloak. He is trying to see if he can recognise anything about the feel of the magic. "I can't tell what form of magic it is, though I suspect that Vindana would be best suited to classifying the magic."

After a moment he speaks again. "I can see that there is two layers to the effect though. The outer layer is hiding you but there is also another layer that seems to be doing something else. Try coming out of the shadows a bit."

Dori steps forward and Landros makes a small sound of shock.

"You aren't you Dorinda," he blurts out. "That is you aren't the normal dangerous competent you. Somehow you have changed."

"That makes sense. The cloak protected Fedarkor from detection, it probably has some power to make you seem like something else." Graylor adds excitedly.

He starts to think properly, using the meditative methods that have served him so well. He wants to know the truth of the cloaks magic. It feels familiar in some way. So he works backwards in time reviewing all the occasions that he has been aware of someone using magic to hide themselves or fudge their identity. The Rat, Rana, Cavos, Parus, Black Fang, everyone he can think of in his time in Pavis.

This is nothing like anything used directly by the Rat. That had hidden sound, or footprints, but not like this. Rana, though... and Cavos. They'd used something a lot like this, only tainted.

Dori watches him. "You're looking very thoughtful," she remarks. "Anything new occured to you?"

"I am sure that I have felt this magic before and recently. The nearest I can get to it is Rana or.." he hesitates slightly to judge Dori's reaction. ".. Cavos only their magic was tainted, this isn't. I am also wondering if Parus had anything like it, I never really saw him to know." Graylor replies carefully.

"If you're happy with this so far, we can introduce you two to the cloak, and while we're at it, see if I can use the magic without actually wearing it." She undoes the clasp, slips it off her shoulders and hands it to him.

Reverently he takes the cloak from Dori. Without even putting it on he gets the feeling of being wrapped up. When he does put it on the feeling is of comfort and security. He becomes aware of a presence.

"I am Graylor Bladedancer Tenthane of the Tenth cohort." He tries a formal vocal greeting.
The feeling of comfort intensifies. Graylor takes this as acceptance.

"Dori, shall we try together and see if Shadow Veil can hide both of us at once?"

"That sounds like an idea. I found that if you were already in shadow then the Veil had a better understanding of what you wanted." Dori replies.

They both move closer to the shadowy walls. Graylor addresses the presence mentally. "Shadow Veil please hide me."

"Excellent!" Landros calls. "Both of you are completely hidden to normal sight."

Graylor steps out of the shadows undoing the cloak as he comes and passes it to Landros. The presence is still there, together with Ashar and Braveheart.

"I must go to Yodi to be released from the Seventh." Graylor tells Dori. "I can still feel Braveheart. Oh, and speaking of feeling. Does the magic feel like there is an influence of the deception rune to you?"

The three of them invoke Shadow Veil's power once again, cementing Landros connection to the wyter. Graylor once again turns his considerable mental discipline to the problem of the source of the Veil's powers. Patiently he probes the feel of the magic, both from within his own use and also from the outside as Dori and Landros use the magic too. The teachings of his mentors from the Jalmari come to mind. Much effort was devoted to discovering hidden chaos, but even more effort is required to distinguish between those who are hiding through simple dishonesty and those who have more to hide.

After a few minutes of experimentation Graylor comments.

"You know, i would have thought that magic ripped from Vivamort would have been sorcerous in nature. This is definitely theistic. As far as I can see there are two possible explanations. The first is that Eurmal changed the nature of the shadow cloak when he picked it up. The other is that Vivamort was a deity and had his link to that magic severed when Hunakt severed his cloak. Either way Eurmal has been able to change the chaotic nature of the cloak so that we can use it without fear of contamination. I guess that we will never truly know. Especially as our perception of the heroplane is influenced by our beliefs."

He waits a few moments before suggesting. "Should we present Shadow Veil to the rest of the cohort Dori? I think we three are now familiar enough with calling on its powers."

"We're ready, but are they? Your Ten are on watch at the moment, and Abul and Yenda will be about to head into New Pavis. We can introduce them as they become free, and expect to have finished everyone by tonight, or do you think they'd prefer something more formal, and unified? Release from their current cohort, and into this one? We could do that sometime this afternoon?"

"Landros, there's going to be one other call on your time at some point. When Kallyr starts working serious magic, the Warlord wants every Rigsdali here watching and learning. It's not so much how she sets the defences up as how to use them once they exist."
She glances round, checking that there's no-one else in earshot. "Officers only, but he isn't too keen on entrusting the defences of Whitewall, while he's using it as a base for a major heroquest, to her idea that she might be able to hold off the entire College of Magic singlehanded by using pre-prepared enchantments. He wants as many Rigsdali as possible ready to support her, and to take over completely if necessary. What she's doing here is a miniature version of the Whitewall defences, so it should be quite good to learn from." She grins. "We'll see if we can get her to show off a little - that shouldn't be terribly hard."

"In the meantime, I think it would be a good idea to get Abul and Yenda using the Shadow Veil before they head into the New City, I'd like them to have that bit of extra protection. I think you said Santhis was going with them as well, once he's off watch? Come to think of it, I'll be interested to hear his views on this, and he'll be more likely to give them if it isn't in front of a crowd. Let's go and find them: and Landros, you're dismissed for now."

towards the end of the "Presents" scene

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