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Khan's initiation

Wildday, Movement week, Fire season

The temple is occupied for the day by Khan's initiation - preparations, the ceremony itself, and clearing up afterwards. Uljar Breaknose presides, for reasons which no doubt make sense to the Hereward devotees, and all those involved emerge from it looking very thoughtful.

At the sunset meeting that evening, Illig announces that Khan is now indeed an initiate of Hereward as well as of Valind, and will for now be joining Graylor's Ten.

It is very unusual indeed for Illig to look unsure of anything, and he does not quite do so now, but is perhaps closer to it than anyone here has seen before.
"We learnt something from this latest quest, but quite what will require further meditation by all those involved. For now, I will just say that over the next few weeks, we will be asking all initiates to review their memories of their initiation, and in particular precisely how, and from whom, they received the Truewind."

"Moving on, you all know by now what is to happen tomorrow. I will remind you now, though I would hope no such reminder would be necesssary, that we will always treat others with honour and courtesy, no matter what feelings we may have towards them. Our honour is not about them, or the extent to which they deserve such treatment, it is about us, and how we choose to act."

Having listened carefully to Illig's words, Abul spends the rest of the day speculating with Yenda. "Do you think that an already initiated person might still learn strong new facts and magic if this person accompanies a newcomer on an initiation quest? Or could this person do only specific quests..? I would like to lean more about Herw'Ard At Castle Blue where he met Charmain, our prophet's mother..."

"Of course you can learn new facts and magics. I don't think that you have to join someone's initiation in order to do it. Especially as you are looking into the Carmanian aspects of Hereward. I don't know of any other Carmanians in the Legion at the moment. Though there is this library in the temple, Vindana and I have been spending much of our time looking through them to find more about the temple. It may well be that there will be some information about Herward."

She looks deeply into Abul's eyes, a flicker of mirth playing round her own eyes and lips. "And since you are not a screaming barbarian like the rest of us! I guess that you can read, in which case you can help ease the burden of wading through all that knowledge."

Abul has a shy smile in response, but his dark long leashed eyes have a sudden burst. "Of course I will help you, Yenda, to ease any of your burdens... but be warned that if my father insisted that I learn my letters, I don't read so fluently and only my mother tongue. Is it said to be fairly linked with all western languages, but I hadn't so much the occasion to practice since we went in exile, just some basic written sentences that I exchanged with Jamal... Do you think that you have texts in Carmanian or other languages from the West?"

Meanwhile, Graylor turns to Egil. "What in all the hells is 'From whom they received the Truewind' supposed to mean? I ended up leaping into a great ice chasm and before I hit the ground I met death at the point of THE Sword. What about you?"

Graylor looks puzzled while Egil frames his answer. He interjects before Egil has a chance to open his mouth. "No. That's not right. Illig brought me back with Ashar, but the sword that killed me was while like ice with clear gems set in its hilt. I wonder which sword that really was? Sorry Egil you were saying?"

Egil seems to lose focus for a moment as he thinks back to his initiation quest. "It seems so long ago now, sometimes it's hard to remember. There was a mighty battle between a god and a hero. Gbaji and Arkat, it was difficult to tell who was who and who I should aid. Then I met Hereward and he showed me a wind that would clear the deceit from my eyes. When I used it I saw who was Gbaji and who was Arkat. He said it wouldn't work forever on his brother as he would lose his honour one day."

"Interesting so you were given the power by Hereward and I was Hereward and gained the power. I wonder where Hereward got it from, from my perspective it was the glacier that Hereward got the Truewind from. Being killed.." Graylor wrinkles his brows in puzzlement for a while. "No not killed, though the sword did go through me there was a feeling as it was happening like being possessed or something. If it was the glacier, would that make the power a gift from Valind? Would make some sense given that it's Khan's initiation that prompted this inquiry."

"It seems that may be the case, maybe it is something we could find if we ferret about enough through the temple below us but today's not really the day for that. We have more important things to think of, bringing justice to a traitor being the main one." Egil's grin in one which holds pure malice within it.

"more important things to think of" this way
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