Catch-up time, and severing Santhis

A few days after the dark events at the humakti temple, Lady Jakkanna requested the attention of Master Jamal.

“We need to speak about your adopted son, she said with a fold on her mouth even sterner than usual. I know the lad is at difficult age but surrounded by foreign customs, I fear that the mission you assigned me is endangered. Whatever my efforts, I’ve got the impression that my teachings seem unable to fight the distorted interpretations he built on his position in the universe since his childhood. I fear that his beliefs are far too much polluted by southern barbarian notions…”

Jamal kept quiet, being intrigued by the commitment of the woman.

“Could you give me some examples, he simply asked. I’m a warrior not a teacher! I sometime wonder about the right notions to follow myself.”

“Then you should also be taking advices to some wise vizir in Carmania, she answered sharply, instead of losing your soul in his damned country…”

“We all have our reasons to have left our land, just stated quietly the mercenary. Haven’t we, Lady Jakkanna? “

The priestess scowled and her voice lowered.

“Surely, she said, if you want examples, be prepared to hear a long list…”

Jamal waved his hand to indicate his ability to listen.

“First I must complain that it isn’t very easy to get his attention, even for just a few hours per week.”

“Young male energy isn’t much fitted to studies, pondered Jamal”

“Especially since a heretic death hag of the barbarian martial order you persist to frequent assigned him the silly task to learn Dark Tongue!”

Jamal smiled, thinking about Dori’s reaction if she would ever heard of her description by Lady Jakkanna…

“Hereward’s Legion is now our only community and family to both Abul and I and this choice is not to be questioned, Lady… This task is a great honor given to Abul and his success will be greatly useful to all faithful Hereward’s followers. Persons, I wish to be part of…”

“Everyone is doomed by his own sins, recited the priestess. But if losing time for the right teachings isn’t a problem for you, perhaps delighting into misinterpretations of our sacred religion will shake your fatherly but naive confidence. Abul admitted to me that he wants to learn dark tongue because he wants to learn the language of the Enemy!”

On these words, scandalized passion appeared on the face of the priestess. Jamal remained silent and she continued.

“As if it wasn’t a proof of pride enough, it is also a proof of deep ignorance… learning anything to get nearer to the Enemy is a proof of Hubris if not of stupidity. He can speak all the language he wants to seduce us and worse than that: putting Him only in the darkness is a serious lack of perception. I think Abul as a distorted vision of the darkness and see its importance with a great over-emphasis. This is a serious danger for his soul. I request immediate lessons on the bases of the Dualism…”

This time, Jamal stopped to smile.

“You were warned that the boy get a bad experience with spolite demons in his youth. That’s your job to also make him see the dangers of Light and the joys of Darkness…”

“For the theory certainly, she admitted, and that why I wasn’t against these Dark Tongue lessons, but I want him to listen to my own courses and not playing with a stupid trollkin.”

Jamal nodded slowly.

“I will speak to him. Nobody should enter in life with wrong beliefs of Truth and Lie in the universe…”

“Good, admitted the priestess, now I should talk about…”

“Isn’t it all? asked the mercenary astounded.”

“I warned you… Abul is like a living mix of different beliefs of all the nations you crossed since you take him with you!”

“My responsibility is great. Living on the roads isn’t the best way to raise a child correctly. Tell me I will correct.”

“He wants to join Hereward’s cult!”

“A fair choice, I’m myself an initiate of Hereward…”

“You see! Even you! You don’t make any difference now between carmanian truth and barbarian lies… not Her’ward the Truth Blower, visitor of the goddess Charmain, but Hereward the barbarian follower of Arkat the Dark. This is perhaps only a slight difference for you, but heresy might grow on that.”

“I see… admitted Jamal.”

“And it’s getting worse with Hum’akt! You’re an adult follower of Bisos, so you’re not listening to all the heretic speeches of the barbarians around you, not like the boy is listening. Humakt, they call Death… Truth, Honor and Death! A cult, where personal honor questions may dictate your behavior before your obedience to Idovanus. This heresy is a trick from Ganesatarus, a trick to take you away from benevolent humility and to push you into individualistic concerns leading directly to sinful pride!”

Jamal looked worried, feeling embarrassed by the learned woman.

“This problem is beyond my competences. I need to cooperate with the soldiers of Hereward’s Legion. They are following Humakt without any knowledge of the secret fight between Evil and Good. They do their best to be honest and faithful, something rare in these degenerate lands. I’m not an initiate of Hum’akt, I can’t track lies within these teachings.”

“Neither do I, assumed Lady Jakkanna, but I would be a poor adviser if I provided you only with problems and not with solutions. I know perhaps the right person for such a case… Duke Raus didn’t come alone in exile. Protecting his back, there is an old friend of his, a retired devotee of Hum’akt called Daine. I’m pretty sure, he will accept to teach the right words to Abul and we will probably have the counter-poison to this miserable situation…”

“If this Daine accepts, I will speak to Abul. I’m sure he will accept to hear him and you will continue to implement the right lessons in his head. I want nothing more than making him a good carmanian. I already putting him away from Orlanth’s cultists, this god reminds me too much of the rebel god Orlanatus Terminatus!”
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