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[[ChronPavis Pavis]]
====Santhis interrogation====

Graylor leads Santhis to the Library, still being somewhat wary of the dragonewt statue and starts to ask Santhis about the Oilamley cult. One thing becomes clear over the next hours, Santhis is telling the truth as he knows it but each time he is pressed on any particular details of Oilamley he gives differing and often conflicting answers. What is more he is convinced that he has said the same thing on each occasion. The frustration is threatening to overcome Graylor's normal patience.

Seeing his frustration Yenda steps in with a suggestion. "It's not Santhis' problem there is something stopping him from speaking what he is thinking. Perhaps if we can bypass speech then we might get to the truth."

The three of them look at each other with amazement, Yenda had stumbled on a real truth. Now how to use it. Graylor tries his Cut through self deception magic he gained on initiation to Hereward, but to no avail Santhis wasn't deluding himself, something else was preventing him from speaking the truth. Graylor looks around in disappointment hoping that the walls of the library would offer some inspiration. At that moment Vindana enters the library and sighs as yet again someone is using her library.

"Are you going to be long? I can always come back later whatever is convenient for you." She comments acidly.

"Actually we were waiting for you." Graylor replies pleasantly, ignoring the sages unpleasant tone. "I have heard that some of the more advanced sages can read minds as well as books. Are you one?"

"Naturally, nothing could be simpler." Vindana's voice is gentler than before and she stands a little taller preening a little at the thought that she could be considered a more advanced sage.

Graylor smiles inwardly, he knew that any suggestion that she was better at something would win her co-operation.

"Someone has put a block in Santhis' mind stopping him from giving us information about the Oilamley cult. We thought that bypassing the spoken process may also bypass the block. If you cant manage it we can always go to the White Ladies to see if they can remove the block."

"I can manage without their interference", Vindana replies somewhat stuffily. She places three fingers of each hand in precise locations on Santhis' head. A blue nimbus of light spreads between her fingers and over the top of Santhis' head. Graylor and Yenda watch as both parties start to sweat and shake with the effort, eventually Vindana breaks the contact and collapses into a nearby chair. Graylor wordlessly passes her a goblet of water which she downs gratefully.

"Well, he is only a very junior member of the cult and so knows little of real value, and that cursed block was operating on his mind too. Though it didn't get the better of me." She grins triumphantly. "The myth he does know is the one used for his initiation. Did you know that Oilamley's power comes from Vivamort's cloak. The very cloak Humakt cleaved from Vivamort when he retrieved death."

"Thank you Vindana for your help. We certainly couldn't have got that information from Santhis directly. All we got was that Oilamley was part of Yelm released when Orlanth slew him or that he was a fragment of death releases when Humakt first tested Death on Grandfather Mortal."

"Interesting. " Graylor mutters. "I don't see the significance of that but hopefully Illig will be able to make use of the information. I'll go and inform him right away. Santhis I suggest you go and rest, this has been hard on you. Hopefully this will be the last time we ask you to remember your old cult."

On his way out of the temple Graylor bumps into Aelf. "I've been looking for you", Aelf says. "Have you heard? Siggyr has kicked Egil out of his ten. Given Egil's sword to Jamal's boy to carry!"

"Wot!" Graylor replies intelligently. "You mean Abul. Wow that's harsh. How is Egil taking it?"

"Better than I would! He's painted his face with a blue death mask. You know like some of the zebra boys do."

"I'll go to him after I have seen Illig. Santhis doesn't know much we have been able to find out that the cults power comes from Vivamorts cloak. But he knows nothing about the cult's origin or really very much about Oilamley himself."

Graylor tells Aelf as they walk to Illig's tent. Aelf looks thoughtful.

"There is something familiar about that. I can't get my mind round it. Let me think while you see Illig", Aelf says, and sits down in the shade searching his memories.

The meeting with Illig is short. He is sat cradling God-Cleaver and appears to be meditating. Nevertheless after only a few moments Illig's eyes open, they have that flickering luminosity that indicates they are looking at both the mundane and heroplanes at the same time.

"Yes, Ja.. Graylor", comes Illig's voice as if from far away.

"I have information Sir. Santhis' mind is clouded by some residual deception magic. But we have been able to determine that the source of Oilamley's power seems to be Vivamort's cloak."

Graylor didn't expect much reaction, but the raised eyebrow was proof that it meant something to Illig.

"Thank you Graylor." Illig says by way of dismissal. But Graylor stands his ground and ventures to speak again.

"Sir, the Jalmari have a myth about the unbreakable blade, part of which involves testing themselves in the Flame of Truth in order to see the true makeup of an object. I could show you this myth so that you can seek out the truth of Oilamley."

This time Graylor is rewarded with a genuine smile. "Thank you Graylor. I will make use of this when I have more of the pieces of the puzzle. Perhaps the flame can show me the whole pattern from the fragments we can gather."

"Glad to be of service." Graylor says, with some relief, as he leaves Illig's tent. Aelf has gone by the time Graylor has finished with Illig so Graylor proceeds directly to Jamal's tent where he expects to find Egil and Abul. He's not wrong and arrives just in time to hear the end of Egil's retelling of Parus' demise.

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