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Civilised Carmanians

Jamal sips his sherbet, enjoying the cool of Raus' study, and the quiet that was a contrast to the noise and dirt of this excuse for a city. He had come here more often of late, drawn by the chance for civilised conversation and the memories of home. There had been mutterings that he was shirking his duty, lingering here, even showing disloyalty by consorting with a Lunar, but Dorinda, of all people, had supported him. To her, growing into her new role as Raven, any source of information was valuable.

But there were so few here he could regard as truly civilised. The Legion, comrades though they were - no. The Lunars, it seemed, thought of themselves as being above the barbarians, but he could not agree with them. And as for the folk of Suntown...

He had said as much to Raus, who had laughed and agreed with him. But, he had said, some did at least want to learn. Why, only the other day he had been approached by a Sun Domer who wanted to learn of Carmanian history, and the tales of the noble houses. There was hope for them yet. Though this man Zeoluz had seemed nervous all the time he was here, almost trembling at times, overawed by the sight of culture that went further than simply remembering to wash.

Jamal wondered, at times. Was it really fair to Abul to keep him away from his heritage for the most part, learning the life of a mercenary, not that of a gentleman? And then he reminded himself - it was the boy's choice. The man's choice.

Back with the Legion in the evening, he passed the information on to Dori - she seemed to like to collect even the most trivial items.

"A Sun-Domer called Zeoluz? Are you sure? Naming children after Counts is common enough, but Zeoluz? The thirteenth Count, the Shadowlord - his parents can't have thought much of him. Assuming that's his real name, of course, but I can't see anyone taking it by choice, either."
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