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Immediate - "today"
Vur, Seledd, and Siggyr will be deciding what happens about clearing up the troll attack and the remains of Vur's base. Dori will be looking for information on where they came from and why (and possibly taking a look round the base while she's got the chance). If you thought Vur was defeated in terms of "face" before, you should see what he's like now.

Various people especialy Aelf will be interested in the news that Barefang was behind the attack. Attempts will be made to find out where he is and why he was attacking Vur, but you won't find out enough to go on until Adam is posting again :)

Longer term
The next few weeks (mid to late Fire Season)
- this is all tentative and up for discussion.

The underground temple is opened for use by both groups of Humakti. Illig and the Sword, with community support of course, change things a bit so it's now three-way joint, between Hereward, Jalmar, and "Kaargan".

Building work starts on repairing the "ground floor" of the temple.
A nice defensive wall round the outside first sounds like good sense. Just to stop any other unwelcome visitors.
And clearing a "killing zone", perhaps. But of course, the more you do, the more obvious you become.
True, but the stone to do the repairing must come from somewhere and if a few walls happen to fall down while we're getting the stone then that's just too bad. :)

The Legion move out to this as a base, though still keeping in touch with the temple in New Pavis. Is the tenement in Riverside retained, or let go?

Vur and his men will of course take a great interest in the library and treasury, and see how well it matches what they knew of the history of the place (to be determined). When we need some more Plot to play with, they may find something interesting.

This all raises questions in my mind as to how long before the Marble Phalanx work out where you are and do something about it.
If we use Vur and his contacts in the city then it may take a time for them to notice as there would not be obvious that they were building a base in the rubble. Unless we were (un?)lucky with the patrols.
You mean like you were over by the Zebra Gate? They probably didn't track you back.

Your Zebra contacts, and the proximity of Zebra Fort, suggest that something may happen there - maybe you end up helping guard the bridge?

Dori keeps in contact with Geran - that's where she's been getting her trollkin messengers from. Troll politics continues to move, if rather slowly.

Oh, and a rather indirect chain of contacts, via Kristen, Kaylee, and the Ernalda temple, means that Dori gets contacted by the Yelorna temple in the Rubble. They're interested in purchasing sword training, and not from men. Dori doesn't have a huge amount of free time for this, but she, Elnor and Elendana go over there from time to time. After all, it's another lot of allies and another source of information. She reports back with a certain amount of amusement that while there are indeed some very devout Yelornans there, there are also a lot of women with red hair who aren't Yelorna initiates at all. And if there isn't a Vingan shrine in the Yelorna temple yet, there probably will be soon. So that's where the more rebellious Pavic Vingans have been hiding!
Yenda would like to join if she is welcome. At the very least she could do with the sword practice. not quite sure how someone so young and inexperienced managed to get to be Jalmari? She joined with Graylor to escape the library in the main temple. She doesn't want to
get trapped into this one as well!

Remember our injured Hundred-thane, the one who's probably going to end up dead due to being steam-rollered under plot requirements?

Once the new/old temple has been made fit for habitation, he too moves out there - still slowly recovering from his injuries, but mentally with it again. He's doing a lot of the coordination between the different groups (Dori goes to him for advice quite a bit, as setting up an intelligence network from scratch, in Pavis, while trying to avoid being killed by Lunars who are actively looking for you, is an interesting challenge as the start of a new job).

He's also spending a lot of time learning about the cult of Jalmar. He seems to find their philosophies a good "fit" with his own, and is learning at a rather startling rate.

OOC: yes, I do intend us to end up with a Jalmari duck. They have the Jedi jokes already built in, and I have this "Duck Wader" figure that
needs using, and... well, that's Yodi shuffled sideways out of our way.

But to continue about Yodi - he's also the one who's going to be instructing Egil in preparation for his Hu devotion quest. Him being, after all, a Hu devotee and one who's unusually close to the god. If that's OK with Adrian?

and some news
Just to clarify - all Graylor checks is the first part of the message, that relating to him. I'm not telling you what the second part, the "list of suspects", says, until this section of plot is over. Things would just get too confusing otherwise.

Not that I expect you to do much with this even now, but chronologically this is where it would fit.

As all these background things go on over the next few weeks, there are regular meetings between the officers of the Legion, and anyone else taking a part in the organisation of the new arrangements, or their delegates(*), simply so as to keep everyone up to date with what everyone else is doing. The Jalmari and Herewardi are working together now, and starting to understand what information each other group needs and will be interested in.

(*) i.e. any PCs who can find an excuse can be in there.

At one of these early meetings, Vur raises the subject of the letter he had had from the Jalmari in Sartar - while the part concerning the Legion is now known of, the routine matters had been overlooked. Routine, in this case, being the latest list of new suspects to be investigated by any Jalmari who might come into contact with them. After learning a little more of the Legion's history, Vur has realised (prompted by Graylor) that one name in particular will be of interest to the Legion, and in fact they may be in a position to advise on the likelihood of the Jalmari suspicions.

It seems that Kallyr has left Whitewall. And this time it was more of a push than a jump, as it were, and likely to be permanent. She seems to have quarreled quite seriously with a large number of people, starting with the local Storm Bull contingent (who left in protest). Rumours are a little vague, but include accusations of collaboration with the Lunars, possibly of being a Lunar agent. The final straw that got her outlawed seems to have involved a Trickster.

The report concludes that while many of these accusations seem unlikely, Broyan would not have outlawed one of his most powerful allies without good reason. Surely no-one could provoke that much reaction simply by being annoying? However, if he had had proof, execution would have been more likely than outlawry. And quarrels with Uroxi - the experts in detecting Chaos, after all - in combination with possible Lunar links may suggest that something very unpleasant is going on under the surface. They doubt very much if she will be going anywhere near Pavis, but if she's spotted, or if there's any information on her whereabouts, treat as under suspicion and extremely dangerous.

Reaction from those present is mixed - many are simply too stunned by the concept to speak. Even Seledd seems startled by the idea that Kallyr might be in league with the Lunars, and points out that anyone who thinks the woman couldn't be annoying enough to get herself outlawed purely on that basis obviously hadn't met her.

Illig remains impassive, all reaction hidden. Those who know him might recall that Kallyr's betrayal of the Legion at Whitewall had for him been personal as well as professional, and that prior to that he had been accepting hires from her, at rather biased rates and credit terms, for at least ten years, maybe longer.

He formally asks the Raven (acting) for her assessment of the new intelligence, and Dori reluctantly points out that while until quite recently she would have estimated the chances of Kallyr working with Lunars as laughably low, she would have said the same of the chances of her betraying allies or friends. As Raven (acting), she recommends that the report is taken seriously - not as conclusive, but as worthy of investigation.

Still, one thing is clear - if the Legion want to consider going back to Whitewall to deal with any unfinished business there, there is now nothing to stop them. If. They do, after all, have a great deal of business to finish here first.

Rob Davies asked on one of the lists a while back if there was any way of having Kallyr, Minaryth, etc. be secretly Lunar double agents. I don't like people telling me things are impossible, so we worked out a few options. And it's so obvious that this is one thing I'd never do myself that... well, I don't like being predictable, either. That's one NPC cleared out of the way for you.

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