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At the mention of trolls Graylor turns to Yenda. "Prepare yourself. Remember the new moves we put in your training they'll help, especially against trolls." Graylor readies himself for battle and peers out trying to pierce the darkness with his sharp eyes. He murmurs a quiet prayer to Humakt to help sense any ambushing trolls.

And then the warning thunders from the sky. It's hard to tell distance or direction, but the Legion know that if Egil did in fact get as far as Vur's base, as he had intended, he'll be about half a mile away.

The thunderous shout and Dorinda's quiet assertion of trolls, grabs General Vur's attention. Suddenly he is all soldier again. "Ha, so you also managed to get men behind me too! I seriously misjudged you. Though shouting so loudly at night in the rubble may not be such a good idea. Ah well a good morning's workout never did any soldier too much harm!" He starts barking orders to recall his men to meet the new peril. "I say Siggyr, where was your man heading? It's blasted difficult to find trolls in the dark and the rubble is a big place."

At the sound of the alarm Jamal's hand immediately flies to his sword. But this time it's not the familiar grip of Bull Spike that he olds, but rather the strangely bi-metalled sword from the temple. No matter.

He looks up to check the direction that the sound was coming from, and quickly summises that it must come from Egil's scouting group.

"To me," he calls to Abyad and Abul, and nods at Siggyr. "Legionnaire in peril" he calls to the hundred thane, "I will move to assist." Without waiting for Siggyr's response he moves out.

"Jamal, hold fast a moment. We'll go quicker with a guide," Graylor calls after the swiftly departing ten-thane. "General, I'm borrowing one of your runners as a guide back to your base. Egil was heading that way and we'll start our search from there."

Siggyr meets Vur's gaze steadily, "a small detachment was sent to watch over your fort, Lord, as a precaution. We will be pleased to assist in the defence of your stronghold. Legionnaires, quick march!"

how fast can they get there?

Standing steady, keeping his attention on the troll Egil waits for its charge. The troll swings its maul and rushes as it prepares to unleash
a blow several things all seem to happen at once. A violent gust of wind smacks him on the back making him lose his balance and stumble forward. A yelling nomad, waving a spear, appears out of the darkness charging straight at him, he half turns to defend from this new threat. The dragon faced warrior in front of him suddenly moves, his blade a blur as it sweeps across his stomach making a long deep gash which instantly gushes with blood. Only the large amount of fat there prevents instant death. The troll bellows in pain before turning and fleeing back into the darkness.

"Hold," he says to the others, "it may have companions. We should go and find them first and try to slow them up."

As he pauses for breath, he hears an odd sound, from the far side of the villa. Footsteps. Lots of footsteps. And a sound part-way between a crash and chewing.

"This sounds like the way to go!" he yells running off in the direction of the footsteps and chewing. "Mav, any chance of some of your fancy rain?"

The Helamakti looks to the sky before deciding that he might need some clouds first. "Heler, my sweet, would you be so good as to send some of your clouds to the Rubble?"

Come, sweet rain

But there are no clouds around, as there might have been in his Sartar home, and Mauvin realises just how dry Prax in Fire Season really is.

Egil and Gerras round the corner of the house wall to see a group of dark shapes near the back gate - or rather, the hole where the back gate used to be. They can see at least two the size of the troll they've just put to flight, one much larger, and an uncountable number of much smaller ones. They're all pouring into the courtyard through the new hole. As Egil approaches, he hears the snap of a crossbow from the house roof, and one of the small figures drops, screaming.

Egil points his sword at the largest shape, looks at Gerras and nods. Gerras nods back and the pair of them charge at it. Any trollkin that
come in between Egil swats contemptuosly away. As he gets within 10 feet he yells "Hereward!"

As they approach, one of the medium-size (but still bigger than Egil) figures snarls something at the huge one, who turns to face Egil. Both
medium-size figures vanish through the hole in the wall, as do many of the small ones.

As he charges towards the troll Egil lets out a yell to his god, the troll quickly turns to meet his attacker sweeping its huge maul round at
knee height. Egil slows to avoid the blow but a half blind Gerras runs right into his back knocking him forward and onto the swinging maul
which crashes painfully into Egil's thigh. Hobbling slightly Egil curses under his breath, "Buggrit!" before setting himself to attack the troll
once more and hoping his companion does cause him anymore pain. Where the hell was Mauvin? He could be useful here.

"Come on you! Show us the quickest route to your base," Graylor shouts at the nearest of Vur's soldiers. "Get your swords out! At least then we'll be in Humakt's light and not this confounded darkness. Get me to within sight of your base and I'll scout out the situation. As we get close we'll need to be silent. Siggyr, Lord Vur I'll send word back as soon as I can."

The guide runs off with Graylor and Yenda a step behind. As they approach Vur's building the guide signals silently. "Two entrances, one front one back."
"I look. You wait silent," is Graylor's response. He reverses his cloak exposing the black lining and murmurs a prayer to Humakt. "That should stop the darkmen sneaking up on me," he thinks to himself. Graylor approaches cautiously, all his senses straining to the utmost. He circles the building to find a suitable place to watch from: but his caution is hardly needed.

To the north, a mob of trolls is storming in through a gap in the wall. There's some sort of melee going on near the entrance, you probably can't see what from here.

To the south of the building and maybe 20 yards away is a glowing area where someone once put up an "Illuminate Darkness". More trolls are entering through the south wall.

Missile fire is being exchanged, and going by the sounds, it's crossbows from the house and slings from outside. The crossbow shots generally go "whizz - thump - aargh!", the sling shots just go "whizz - thump". But the slingshots have a serious advantage in numbers and speed.

Feeling battered, Egil takes up a defensive stance and prepares for the troll to attack intending to lauch a counter-attack.

Egil moves sideways as a fierce gust of wind comes from behind him - good, Mauvin and his Cutting Wind Blast have caught up. Dust and gravel blasts the troll, and it flinches as its sensitive ears are hurt, the sweep of the huge mace missing. Like any other desert-dweller, it turns, keeping its back to the wind, and accidentally moving away from its position guarding the entrance. Egil moves to make the most of this, getting himself, Mauvin and Gerras all on different sides of it - and then realises that he is now pinned between the huge troll and the wall. Ah well, he wasn't going to leave this battle while it was still being fought anyway.

Mauvin casts his shield attack spell and charges in on one side, Gerras charges on the other and Egil takes a mighty chop from against the wall. With three opponents at once, the troll seems bewildered about which to deal with first. It fends off Gerras with its mace, and swipes at Mauvin with the other paw. Egil is free to attack! He swings with all his might, putting all his anger behind the blow, and despite the troll's attempt to evade, feels his blade bite into the fat overlying its stomach. Unfortunately, that evasion had tempted him into lunging just too far for the treacherous ground and his injured leg. He stumbles forward, loses his balance, and lands face-down.

Quickly rolling onto his back he pulls his shield over his chest and thrusts his sword upwards in case the troll is looming over him for a strike. Mauvin and Gerras redouble their attack.

Having assessed the situation Graylor decides on the best course of action. First Vur and Siggyr need information so he dispatches Vur's man back to report.

Next his brothers need some support but we are only two. The fight at the north draws his attention. "Yenda we'll make our way round to the north to help in the fight there. But first we must slow down this group here. Let's see what confusion we can cause with Yelm's arrows." He sheathes his swords and unslings his bow, carefully selecting two of his arrows he nocks the first and murmurs a single word, the arrow flashes once in acknowledgement, and releases at the troll nearest to the southern entrance. Before the arrow has reached its target Graylor and Yenda are on the move heading round to the north of the building. Seconds later the arrow explodes shattering the relative quiet of the Rubble.

OK, what you can see is a BIG troll with its back to you, lit up from the ground (that's Egil's sword). Two humans are attacking it, one from each side. More trolls are pouring in through that gap in the wall, and yet more dark figures are coming out of the rubble behind them.

Just a sec - he looks again. Those "yet more dark figures" have glowing swords. They're Humakti. At least, some of them are. And they're attacking the trolls. In fact, there's a general confused melee going on out there.

Graylor quickly sizes up the situation and decides that the big troll makes an obvious target for his final arrow and lets fly at the beast's broad back. Quickly he sheathes his bow and draws his swords. "Come on Yenda, time for some action!" he calls and moves into the fight.

The strange Humakti entered the melee in loose formation, and have (mostly) formed a shieldwall facing out from the wall, stopping more trolls getting in (or trying to - flanking is a problem). They're backing towards the "gate", apparently intending to block access to it.

Meanwhile, there seem to be less and less slingers operating out there. You can't see quite what's going on, but someone's getting this situation under control.

The troll seems delighted that a target on the ground has presented itself. Its attention is no longer on the 2 upright humans, it swings
its maul but Egil's quickly moved shield absorbs the blow. Mauvin shoves the troll in the back making it stumble. At the same time Gerras' spear thrusts forwards tearing through the flesh on the back of the troll's thigh narrowly missing its hamstring. The troll squeals its pain, and surprise, at the strike and looks round to try and chose its next target when an arrow thunks into its shoulder. Yelping like a puppy, it limps backwards, not even trying to attack Mauvin or Gerras, who move past it to help Egil and see how badly he's hurt.

So it's only Egil who's looking towards the troll when a brightly-glowing spear-point appears in the middle of its chest. It doesn't even have time to look surprised as it topples towards him. For a few seconds everything goes dark and smells of blood, then he pushes the body aside enough to see who it is looking down at him and pulling her spear out of the troll.

"And where," Seledd asks acidly, "is the rest of the Seventh?"

Siggyr, Jamal, and Dori arrive at Vur's headquarters and assess the situation. Egil and Graylor seem to have the huge troll ot the north under control - they will launch an assault on the mob invading the rear of the house.

As Siggyr and those under his command get in sight of the south of the house, he realises that he's not the only one with this idea. There's another group approaching - and he recognises the incredibly handsome man in the lead. Landros. And nine more of the Second with him.

"About time," mutters Siggyr to Fasten Spear. "Typical Second - late for every battle, and you watch Seledd try and blame this on us somehow afterwards."

Landros nods acknowledgement to Siggyr, and orders his men into a shield wall, facing away from the gate, and stopping any more trolls approaching it. Your backs are covered.

Jamal looks at Siggyr and Dori, before regarding the collected mass of trollkin before them. "There is a time for the planned tactic, and direct assault." He glances at the melee. "I suggest the latter".

Siggyr sighs. "Ah, well, sod it. You lot ready? Loose formation, choose your own trolls, and try not hit each other - CHAAAAAAARRRRGE!!!!!!!"

Jamal hefts his black-white sword, and yelling the assault with Abyad and Abul at his side, wades in to the fray, grateful for the action to distract him from the unsettling occurances of the last few hours. Backed by the stout Abyad, and the enthusiastic Abul, he faces down two Dark men and their smaller followers.

But something must still be tickling the back of his mind, as one of the small ones manages to nip past Jamal's defenses, catching the
redoubtable Abyad in the arm. Bellowing for his god, he redoubles his attack.

Dori laughs in delight, caution and careful assessment forgotten in the sheer joy of battle. Oddus follows her more cautiously, guarding her back. Odd though it seems, given the quiet devotion he shows now, he only joined her a few weeks ago, and has never seen her fighting trolls before. Others here have, and are staying well out of the way. That sword - sings. Whines. Trolls flinch away from just the sound. And if they can't match her effortless speed, it burns them as it touches, lines of fire running up and down the blade. Then she activates the last of its magic, and Daylight flashes from the blade, dazzling all the trolls on this side of the building. The trollkin in particular are too busy covering their eyes to concentrate on fighting.

The Herewardi smash through the trollkin, smearing the ground with gore. Yet the sheer number of Enlo means the charge becomes mired down, surrounded by the Uz-mob, as though the Legion were trying to wade through jam. Grinning in anticipation, the trolls close in, stepping through their smaller kin.

Egil recovers from the shock, and reminds himself that the Seventh is famed for facing horrors.

"Well, sir, ma'am. They were talking to General Vur on the other side of his encampment. I was just scouting out the back, you know getting an idea of numbers and guards and the like, as per SOPs, when the trolls arrived and spoiled it a bit. I would have legged it back to the 7th but Hu has laid a geas on me that I may not leave a battle while it is being fought, so I was kind of screwed, I had to stay and try to kill all of the buggers. Mav here gave them a shout and hopefully they'll be here directly. I know it wasn't all that tactical making so much noise but better that than be ambushed by, Hu alone knows how many, trolls. Still there seems to be plenty more. Shall we fight some while we wait?"

She looks down her nose in complete disgust, taking in the injuries to shoulder and leg, and making an obviously low estimate of his usefulness. "You seem to have caused yourself enough damage already. Stay out of the way, and try to keep those creatures of yours under control."

She turns back to her own troops, ignoring him. The shield wall is solid, cutting down the few trolls still trying to approach the gate. Very soon now there will be no active trolls left outside.

Struggling out from beneath the corpse Egil shrugs at his companions. "Well guys let's go and find some more trolls to fight then."

He sets off towards the sounds of fighting, away from Seledd and her shield wall.

"Hey, Egil who are the reinforcements?" Graylor calls as he bumps into Egil at the gate. "Are you OK? Siggyr is on his way, lets go and help tidy up!"

Egil answers very quietly at first so he can barely be heard, "That's the boss, sorry, the 100-thane and she's pretty grouchy at the moment. Still it seems to me she's always like that." But the he speaks up, "I'm fine, feeling a bit bashed but nothing that won't recover. I think Siggyr is heading from the south so we'll have them caught between us like a hammer and anvil."

"Truly. They chose the wrong night to attack! This is as it should be; the twin cults of the unbroken blade fighting side-by-side." Graylor calls softly to Yenda. "Time to put up your magic. Let's show these night stalkers what it means come face-to-face with death!"

Graylor's blades seem to spring into his hands. He gazes at them almost lovingly in response a dark light comes from their strange markings and radiates out along the blades. When the darkness reaches the hilt three bands of colour flash briefly from the back of the gloves he wears. "Egil, I don't suppose they will be too scared of big teeth and such stuff, perhaps they will fear this." Graylor's face changes colour taking on a yellow hue, it starts to become brighter until it shines brightly and there is even the suspicion of flame around the edges. "Let's see how they cope with the face of Yelm? Keep your blades swinging brothers. Attack!"

With these words Graylor and Yenda leap into battle. Lashing out with feet as well as their swords they brush aside the trollkin, who are stunned by the appearance of the warriors. Their movements sure and swift, spinning under the clumsy blows of the trolls they both land heavy blows that leave the trolls staggering, clutching deep gashes.

Egil too welcomes the conflict, unusually taking a secondary position, he allows Gerras to lead the fight, with devastating effect. The wind magic of Mauvin creates confusion in the ranks of the trollkin that allow Egil and Gerras to attack the trolls. Egil blocks a mighty overhead blow from the Dark man's mace with his shield and before the troll can recover Evergleam has opened a nasty wound on the troll's thigh. Meanwhile Gerras showing no fear rushes to attack the taller troll. His spear plunges straight for the troll's chest, despite the blow that lands on his shoulder. The Dark man's eyes open wide with surprise as the spear is hammered through his armour, groaning loudly the troll collapses.

The remaining Uz bark orders at the panicking enlo, kicking them back in position to block the grim Humakti from getting to the gates. This time the fear of their masters is greater than the fear of the strange warriors, so they stand their ground and meet their deaths on spear point and blade edges. For the remaing three enlo this is too much to bear and they flee this dreadful place of slaughter. The trolls resolutely guard the gates despite their injuries. But their skill is insufficient to deny the warriors passage. Though their still bodies are testimony to their bravery and dedication to duty.

On either flank of the Seventh's line, the battle-joy of Dorinda and Jamal is becoming unrestrained. Siggyr bites back a snarl of annoyance - though they slay Uz in abundance, their lack of discipline is reducing the engagement to an unseemly and dangerous melee. Turning aside a troll's club and stabbing under his shield, Siggyr yells "I said loose formation, not no formation! We are one sword! Back in line, back in line!"

Dori, with no live opponents near her, glances back over her shoulder and laughs. "What, can't you keep up?". But she comes back to join the rest of them, anchoring the flank.

Map showing inside the gates

Abul pulls the injured Abyad to his feet, the older Carmanian nodding his thanks to the young squire, before the two follow their master in
a full assault on the hordes of trolls before them. Jamal's assault seems to intimidate the trolls, forcing two of them to fall back injured, and slaying of the small beasts..

As he steps inside the compound Graylor rapidly assesses the situation. Both doors into the main building have been bashed down/eaten, trolls are everywhere, but more importantly he can hear the song that no Humakti can fail to respond to, the Death Song! "They need help inside, let's go!" Graylor calls to his companions.

"Stand fast Swordbrothers relief is at hand!" he shouts, to encourage the defenders, as he forces his way into the building to aid the despairing Jalmari. In the tight confines of the courtyard Graylor's short swords prove devastatingly effective. The sheer bulk of the giant Uz mean their movements are hampered by each other and the walls of the buildings. In moments the band of Humakti leave scattered Uz corpses and batter their way into the main building. Egil calls on the powers of the Legion's wyter to Illuminate this end of the fight, as has already been done in the south.

Siggyr and mob are coming in the south (once Guy decides what he did with that Major Victory). Graylor and Egil are coming in from the
north. You can see each other across the main room. The Death Song is coming from the room to the east (and the sound of the crossbow you heard earlier has stopped). There's crunching noises (and burps) coming from the room in the NW corner, the one with the window.

Graylor pauses at the threshold long enough to hear that the Death Song is coming from a room to his left. He makes his way over as quickly as he can to aid what seems to be the sole remaining defender in this place.

As he passes through the room the light from his sword shows severed limbs, not uncommon in a fight, but these had been chewed! Graylor was a novice when dealing with trolls and their ways. "How can these beasts be so dishonourable to do that to a foe. These are Vur's men and Jalmari, they don't deserve this." His mind suddenly remembers the Righteous Wind affair and the way the Lunars massacred and mutilated his comrades in the Whispering Swords. The vision was replaced by a pair of crossed black swords. An air of calm swept over. There would be no running away this time. This time he was Humakti and these beasts would be punished. He had been given his sign.

The death song seems to have a strange effect on Egil, the yelling and shouting that went with is previous fighting has now ended, in total
silence he sets about the trolls, chopping at them with his sword the only noise he makes is the dull thunk of Evergleam hitting home. When
the trolls are dispatched he heads for the door where the death song is coming from.

There are more random trollkin around the place, nibbling bits, and they flee as soon as you come in (or try to - kill them as scenery if you must).

As I say, the sounds of DSB are coming from a room to the east. You can't see in there yet, but there's yells coming from three trolls, at a guess. Must be crowded.

Three more trolls are outside that door. Body language says they'd be joining in the fight if they would fit. Then they see you. They look tougher than the ones you've fought so far - better equipped, the magic on mace and shield is stronger.

The room to the NW had munching sounds, and as you enter (you weren't being quiet) another troll emerges, followed by five underlings. He's in lead, his mace has lead spikes, he's surrounded by a cloud of darkness, and he generally looks as if he knows what he's doing. Oh, and he's holding something messy and dripping. He puts it in his mouth, and turns to fight. Even the underlings look tougher than you've fought before. And the one in the middle looks very nasty.

As Dori enters the room from the south, along with Siggyr and Jamal, the strange powers of her sword manifest themselves.

She steps over the body of the last troll as it falls, the fire in her blade burning the dark blood away even before it drips to the floor.

Graylor looks at her and says. "Dorinda, you light up my life! How pleasant it is to see you again. Shall we dance the dance of death with these black creatures?"

There's a slightly wild edge to her smile in reply. "Let's do that. Today would seem to be a good day to die - for someone."

Side by side, they approach the three trolls between them and their goal. Despite the heavier armour of these new foes and their desire to protect what lies beyond, Graylor's two swords, and Dori's single one make short work of a troll each. The final one looks desparately from side to side, unsure which foe is the most dangerous, and falls with three blades piercing it at once. The way is clear. Dori laughs, and gestures politely towards the door. "After you".

Then she turns to Oddus, and indicates the crowd of trolls still growling menacingly from beyond Siggyr's group. "Keep that lot off our backs, would you? We're going to be busy."

After a quick glance inside Graylor instructs Yenda. "That sounds like a good idea. Things are going to be cramped in there. Go and help Egil."

"If you insist!" Yenda sniffs caustically at Graylor. "I'll leave you and Dorinda in peace then."

"Peace? I doubt if that's what we'll find in there." Dori goes through the doorway, her sword lighting the room beyond, and steps to one side leaving room for Graylor to pass. A glance around registers a bed, a desk, personal belongings, a ladder going up, but his immediate attention is on the enemy.

Two of the three trolls in the room turn to face the newcomers: the third continues to defend himself from the sole remaining human, though he is barely recognisable as such he is infused with the full power of a hero he has heroformed. Simultaneously he is both normal sized and as large as the troll, two distinct images yet definitely both one, and the voice! No mortal could make such a perfect sound, surely his singing must rival Donandar. His face was calm and serene as an entertainer singing at a welcoming hearth. There was music to accompany the song, a whistling counterpoint to his voice was made by the speed of his blade through the air, and the rhythm of the song was beaten out by blade and mace on shield; for even the troll was seduced into this song of death.

The singer moves with sublime grace he effortlessly sways out of the way of the trolls overhand smash and in the same movement he steps inside the trolls guard, his blade moving with unbelievable speed, he strikes hard at the trolls legs. Somehow the troll is able to block the blow with his mace at the last instant, though the skill of the swordsman is such that he flicks the blade round the block and leaves a long slice on the trolls arm.

Graylor moving with more human speed faces one of the smaller trolls. His twin blades obviously confuse the troll as Graylor is easily able to feint with one distracting the troll whilst landing blows with the second one. Very quickly he finds an opening and plunges his blade deep into the trolls gut. The troll collapses clutching his stomach.

Dori is enjoying the fight. Her blade leaps and flashes in her hand. The troll smirks, a truly horrible sight, he believes that he has an easy
fight a female with one of the thinnest swords he has seen. Dori lets him know his mistake as her first strike, a reposite to a clumsy swipe with his club, leaves a line of fire along his arm, the magic of the sword making the wounds burn deep into the trolls flesh. It steps back amazed at the pain. This leaves him open to Dori's next and final attack ending in a low strike to his leg. The rapier slices open the troll's thigh; its passage is only stopped by the leg bone. The troll falls to the floor, his leg unable to support him any longer.

Three warriors now face the troll leader, two of them from behind him. He's concentrating solely on the singing hero facing him, and from here would be an easy kill for either Graylor or Dori. And Dori steps back. "That would appear to be a fair fight," she says judicially. "I'll not steal his victory from him."

"Nor I. There is no honour to be gained from such a hollow victory and besides it is always a pleasure to watch such grace and artistry," murmurs Graylor.

Siggyr's tactics have managed to split up the trolls - the leader still remains at the back, but his two bodyguards have been lured away from him by Egil and his group, while Jamal faces the three lesser trolls.

Egil steps up to the two trolls. Charging in on the first one, leaving his comrades trailing behind, he swings Evergleam but fails to connect as the troll's maul smashes into the side of his helmet. He staggers slightly and has the salty sensation of blood in his mouth. Taking a moment to compose himself, as the others rush up behind him, he makes a perfect lunge and thrusts the sword into the guts of the other troll. When he pulls it clear the troll drops to its knees trying to hold the gloopy mess in. Now facing the remaining troll Egil prepares to decapitate it.

As he chops at the trolls Egil's mind wanders slightly, hearing the death song has brought forth a contemplative moment for him. He wonders how best he can serve his god at this time, apart from killing all the trolls. Then the thought strikes him, when this is done, he will speak to Siggyr and ask him to take his devotion to Hu. That is probably why he sent the trolls in the first place, as a test.

Jamal launches into the 3 dark figures that face him, eager to press forward. Perhaps too eager, as one of the beasts catches him with a sidelong blow. He ducks and thrusts the bi-metalled blade into the stomach of the second troll. The creature collapses to the floor.

However, his followers are not faring so well, a third troll catches Oddus and sends him sprawling to the ground.

Jamal presses the attack, dispatching another, but not before Abyad had taken a nasty wound to the leg.

He grimances as he watches the Lead Troll and his remaining force retreat away from the massed swords of the Legion.

"It look like you have two choices," he snarls "we can dispatch you to whatever hell from which you were spawned, or you can return to your people with a message..."

"There's a new foe here on the Rubble, one that is organised, ferocious and defends its own. One that your people would be best to avoid"

The singer seemed oblivious to the help provided by Dori and Graylor. His movements however became ever swifter and more deadly. His strikes still timed to the song, though now building up into a frenzy. The troll becomes panicked as he realises that he is outclassed by this strange, singing warrior. He looks to the door for reinforcements only to see more of these death fighters. The troll now resigns himself to his fate. In desperation he abandons defence and tries to land a few solid blows on the fighter before he is overwhelmed. The strikes are ignored by the singer, who continues beating his relentless, staccato rhythm on the troll. The finale came suddenly; in a rapid series of blows the troll lost his shield, mace and finally his head. The silence left by the ending of the song is deafening.

The singer turns to the two watching Humakti. "My name is Illgalad the Swift and I thank you for your restraint. I can go to Humakt's halls with head held high. Knowing that the temple is once again safe." With those words the heroforming fades and for a single heartbeat leaves Illgalad with his pain before he hears Humakt's call and his lifeless body slumps to the floor.

"May you path to Humakt's hall be straight brother, and may Jalmar guard your back." Graylor intones over the body. "Well Dori, I hope that when Humakt calls me I go with such grace and nobility. What now? Do you think the others need our help or should we tidy up in here?"

"Your path to the Truth may differ from mine at this point. The Legion is still fighting, and my path lies there. But this is a Jalmari residence..." she shrugs. "What priorities that gives you, I do not know." And she heads back to where the sounds of an enraged troll can still be heard.

"You are right, now is the time for the living. The dead can wait for they have all eternity." With these words Graylor also returns to the fight in the main room.

There is no spoken response to Jamal's words - possibly none of the trolls understand a human tongue. But the remaining troll leader is clearly attempting to escape, and his three underlings block the Humakti from following him.

Egil, despite his injuries, contines fighting the bodyguard - the biggest and toughest troll remaining.

Jamal moves in on the remaining trolls, relentless bearing down on them. As he presses down on them he calls to his team mates, "Leave the leader, he may prove useful to us."

As Graylor runs across the room he searches his encyclopaedic knowledge of trolls. Er... Er... Trolls: big, ugly, hate light, elves and dwarves. End of entry. Hmm. "Hey elf lovers! You've violated the sanctuary of my lord Humakt. You have killed my comrades and for that you will be sacrificed." He launches a blistering attack against the last target available to him.

But despite their best efforts, and Dori arriving to try to help Egil with the bodyguard, they are too slow.

Jamal runs to look out of the window just in time to see the lead troll make good his escape, leaping over the outside wall with a jump that must, surely have been magically enhanced.

Onward: clearing up
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