A bid of 150 AP

Siggyr leads with Temple Regulations 15W augmented by Loyalty to Illig 10W
(+3), Ambitious 7W (+3), Aristocratic 17 (+2), Must Prove Myself 5W (+3),
Orate 5W (+3), Devotee of Humakt 10W (+3) and Deep Gruff & Manly Voice 17
(+2) which comes to a total of 14W2, if you'll allow all that....

OOC Leadership 15W for +3
Argue Forcefully 13 for +1
Indomitable Will 14 for +1
Honourable 17 for +1

Quick Thinking +1
Warband Tactics +3
Dedicated +3
Honourable +2
Independent +3

12W3 so far?

Plus Dori. Say 15W3.

What can Vur use to defend?
last time:
Devotee ability of 11w
Add in that 3 he had for Siggyr's rep earlier.
loyal to brotherhood 15W (+4)
sense hidden intentions 1W (+2)
20W so far
Jodras can add his Devotee too, or Loyal. 7W or 9W. +3

Paranoid and suspicious? say +4?
Warband tactics, to see ways he could take it from them? 2W2, +5
Battle affinity - he'd like to fight. +3

But that 5W3 worth of letter. -5. 10W2.

PCs 15W3, Vur 10W2. A bid of 150 AP
15W v 10.
Roll: 18, 11
Success, fail.
Opponent loses 1* bid.

Starting AP: PCs 201 Vur 186.5

Now Vur is on 36.5.

If you used a HP and bumped, it would be opponent transfers 2* bid, not just loses 1*. He'd be on -113.5, you'd be on 501.
- and they did!
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