Ok, not a particularly strong bid here. Siggyr is basically trying to acknowledge Vur, and remind him of the legion's anti-lunar deeds including their role in offing Derenx. A presentation of credentials, if you like. We have 201AP, so say a bid of 75?

Siggyr will lead with Orate 5W, augmented by Politics 15 (+2), Deep Gruff & Manly Voice 17 (+2), Aristocratic 17 (+2), Honourable 17 (+2), Standard of the Seventh for 6W (+3), for a total of 16W

Jamal: Army Regulations 15W for +3
Graylor Devotee 5W +3
Dori as before +5

Can we get a bonus for the legion's rep? I'd say this cuts both ways. Yes, they're obviously anti-Lunar. They've also managed to get themselves into so much trouble with the Lunars that they're now looking for somewhere to hide. So, are they an asset, or not? He may well see you lot roughly the way you see Karrath - great if you can stop them doing something stupid.

Pick up the idea of "our" temple - he reckons its his! He's now in favour of cooperation, but thinks the Jalmari should control the new temple. And suspects Siggyr's up to something involving politics and control.

So we lead from his Devotee ability of 11w
Add in that 3 he had for Siggyr's rep earlier.
loyal to brotherhood 15W (+4)
sense hidden intentions 1W (+2)

20W so far
Jodras can add his Devotee too, or Loyal. 7W or 9W. +3


PCs 7W2, bid 75. Vur 3W2.
Masteries cancel
Rolling... 9,10
Both fail. High roll loses half bid - that's him. You had to bid an odd number, didn't you?
Half of 75 is 37.5.

Starting AP: PCs 201 Vur 224

Now Vur is on 186.5

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