"Adrian has confirmed on YM that his plan is now to get outside the ring of Vur's scouts, confirm their positions and make sure there's no unknown extras, then head for Vur's headquarters."

"It's one of Vur's men." I think we knew this? Well, unless you're also checking for unexpected troll attacks? Now, there's an idea.... (makes mental note). OK, have it.

You know, it occurs to me that normally Humakti sneaking around in the dark would use the Deathlight from their swords to see what they're doing, secure in the knowledge that the enemy can't see it. Here, the "enemy" is Humakti too, and you'd just be running round with a torch saying "I'm here!"

Got any "see in the dark" ability that doesn't involve lighting it up? No? I bet the scouts haven't, either. -20 or so to everyone involved. Except Dori's trollkin runners, and the wolf.

Scouting 14W
Scan for Danger +3
Sense Ambush +2
Recognise preparation for attack +4
Hide in Cover +3
Praxian Survival +1
Guard camp +1
Recognise Foe +3
It's bloody dark -20 - but Siggyr just lit the place up! -10

Total = 1W2

Vur's men:
assuming a scout is leading
Scouting 17+3 = 20
Camouflage Self +2
Keen Senses +2
Watch from hiding +2
Dedicated +2
Know local area +2
See hidden (Jalmari special) +2
Distraction from Vur etc -3
Disciplined +1
It's bloody dark -20 (they're still looking into a dark area)
Group support +3 (half of +6)

total: 17

Roll: 12, 10
Fail bumped to crit, success

Minor victory to Egil. OR opponent transfers 1* bid.

I think we'll make this an unrelated action, so far. He made it otside and did the check. Next stage, on to the base.

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