The Letter v. Vur.

Traditionalist 10W, Herewardi have temple ??,
My temple! Mine! Mine! Wants!
Suspicious, paranoid....
And support from his troops, who will be a bit surprised at this policy U-turn - but they're AP batteries still, not augments.
Jodras the 2IC will add a bit. At a guess, let's say 5W2 with all augments in.

High ability, or high edge?
Hang on, community support rules - he's being told exactly what to do by the head of his "community". P90. Disobeying those orders will result in "forbiddance" or maybe even "condemnation". Support bonus from the whole of the Jalmari cult applied as a negative modifier, base resistance to ordering any of his troops to go against it would be 20W or 5W3. Not that he's reading it aloud, he's still the only one who has any idea what it says. But the Jalmari cult isn't here...

I think we'll start with that letter having an ability of, say 5W3. Obeying oaths of obedience should be even more important for Humakti.

Letter 5W3
Must obey orders (Diciplined) +3
Graylor (Devotee, Dedicated) +6
Yenda (initiate) +2
desire to be battle commander (improvised off Battle command affinity) +3
Gods want this (Vur's devotee) +3
Dori's (fictitious) combat rep +5
Illuminate Darkness 18W for +4
- 3 from Siggyr's rep.
Jamal: flagrent name dropping for +3 ish

Complete victory for PCs, transfer 150 AP.

PCs: 201 AP Vur: 224 AP
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