Um... dunno, it's a weird one. Almost the contest should be Vur against himself, to see if he fumbles his Sword of Truth roll. But that doesn't make sense dramatically. What does Vur want to do? It may be that, ostensibly, he is testing Graylor's adherence to the code. However, since we know Graylor is a good Jalmari (we do, don't we :o) perhaps Vur is doing something else at the same time that is more central to his actual objectives.

So perhaps he casts his Sword of Truth (a test which Graylor automatically passes) but at the same Vur tries to stamp his authority on him as a senior using his Exert Authority ability, leaving Graylor to defend with a trait like Independent, or Cleave to Own Way, or whatever...

> This is intensely personal.
Yeah - I think that's a cool scene - everyone hangs back respecting that its just Vur against Graylor, no augments.

So Vur's "attack" is really to get Graylor to recognise him as the superior and with authority over him
Exert Authority 15W
Sword of Truth +3
Battle command affinity (voice of command) +3
Sense deception +3
Disciplined +3
Jodras being Loyal +3
Traditionalist 10W +3
making 13W2

defending with:

Independent 10W
Brave +3
Dedicated +3
Honourable + 2 (Being honest with Vur - This is *my mission* type stuff)
Yenda +1 (just using relationship)
Sword of Truth +3 (It's a joint ritual)
Devotee +3 (Using this as a gauge for my loyalty to the Grand Master)
Patient +2 (I will get through this!)
Disciplined +3 (I have orders from the Grand Master)

Total 10W2

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