Rules bits, since this is complicated!

Siggyr (Fasten-Spear)
Graylor (Yenda)
Jamal (Abul, Abyad)
Dori( Elendala)

Long term aim: "to have Vur recognise the Herewardi and establish good relations"
Immediate aim: "to get Vur to accept his concept of openness in dealing with the Herewardi"

Graylor is leading.
Dedicated 5W
Calm +2
Disciplined +2
Honourable +2
Patient +2
Quick Thinking +1
Brave +3 - takes some guts to "stare down" a superior on his own turf!
Devotee +3

for 20W

adds +3 from his Devotee Keyword, Aristocratic 17 (+2), Honourable 17 (+2), and Siggyr carries the Standard of the Seventh which has to give a good and solemn impression 6W (+3)

Honourable 17 +2 and Leadership 18 +2

"Devotee of Hereward 5W" and "Loyal to Legion 5W2", for a total of +8.
2W3 so far.

Uncounted number of followers elsewhere: +4
6W3 end result.

Five followers present - AP batteries at 17 each

6W3, AP = 66 + 5*17 = 66 + 85 = 151

End total 6W3, 151 AP

Working from stats in Tradetalk #9 p12, mainly.
Being secretive is the Jalmari way. Tradition. I'd say we start with his "Loyal to brotherhood 15W.
Devotee rating 11W +3
Traditionalist 10W +3

Detecting if this lot are lying: in fact they're not, so this will work against him, but if he was a PC he'd be using these skills.
Recognise foe 14W
Recognise lie 11W
Sense deceiver 13W (at Jamal!)
+3 each

10W2 so far.

Use Jodras separately:
Sense enemies, loyal to..., Devotee all +3, for +9

19W2 total, 59 AP

20 Greek Chorus at 17 AP each = 340

End total 10W2, 399 AP.

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