> Mauvin has Call Clouds 19W which could be augmented
> with Devotee of Helamakt +2, Worship Helamkt +2 (of course
> he's asking Heler and not Helamakt so these may not work anyway.)

Close enough, I'd say, but "worship" doesn't seem right unless he's standing around doing a ceremony. Let's say 1W2.

And the resistance...? "lots" is a bit imprecise.

I asked about this on the Rules list a while back, here's the thread

Dave Dunham suggests a total penalty of about -40. What I actually want is resistance, so if I add that 40 to the standard 14... 14W2. Not impossible by any means. Just hard.

Masteries cancel.
Hmm, better find him a blue die.
Didn't help, he rolled 15, world rolled 5. Minor defeat. Say he's at -3 to his cloud-calling for a bit, it's been brought home to him just how hot, dry, and unpleasant this place is.
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