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Wild Day, Disorder week, to Water day, Harmony Week, Fire Season, 1621

Many of the Legion spend time talking to Antarius and Mara before they leave. Dori at least is using the opportunity to fill in the blanks in her somewhat scattered recollections of Sun County as it was then, as it was when she last visited perhaps eight years ago, and as it is now.

Anatarius supplies Jamal with a token that should give them safe passage through most Sun County patrols and guard posts.

I'll assume Valens had his funeral the night before? And is now in the local urn-field?

And off they go... Given the token, and Landros' knowledge of the area, you could use the main road if you liked. Or the shorter but harder and slower route up the western edge of Sun County. Let's assume that you at least join the road as you get into Pavis County...

As you travel, it becomes clear that news of the Cradle has been spreading while you were occupied in Horn Gate and at Yellow Sky. It seems that Duke Raus headed for Pavis as soon as he heard the news, and rumour suggests that Soreel's failure may lead to a change of leadership among the Lunars. Many Lunar troops were lost or demoralised (and perhaps some of you smile grimly, remembering how that happened!) and there are even suggestions that perhaps they could be driven out of the area altogether, given the right leadership. No-one seems to be about to take that step, though, at least not so far.

A square of Templars is on its way to Pavis to reinforce those already there - it seems that trouble is expected! And some people remember the events of 1613, when Sun County forces had very nearly taken control of Pavis while the Lunars were occupied in Sartar....

They also discuss where the rest of the Legion might be - they are ordered to muster in Pavis by the Day of Standards, which is still nearly a season away. But Yodi should have got to Pavis by now, and clearly that was where Illig had expected to find him when he sent Vastyr there. If anything has happened to Yodi... The little duck is both popular and highly respected by his troops, and no-one feels inclined to let a matter like that pass.

Of the group, Vastyr has the most recent knowledge of Pavis and the temple there, and can fill the rest in on the situation. Dori had learnt a little from Karath Sing-and-die and his friends in a few minutes conversation on the Cradle, but they too are ousiders and newcomers to the city. Elendala had arrived there with them, and knows little more.

As the group approach Pavis, the question arises - do they intend to march straight in, or to send in a scout first?

Jamal looks at the small squat ugly town that is New Pavis lurking in the shadows of the great mostali-engineered walls. Not that impressive, he thinks, but compared to where they have just come from it's positively metropolitan. He notes that there seem to be more than the ususual number of mercenaries and adventurers in this place. Good cover perhaps....

He turns to the other legionnaires.

"We do not know they lay of the land here. I suggest that we should either scout ahead", he says glancing at Vastyr, "or move in with a group of such adventurer types, without drawing too much attention to ourselves", this time he glances at Aelf.

"It seems that there are many people from many lands here, so that may be the best approach here"

The Far Walker shrugs theatrically before gesturing at Yrsga, the young Esrolian girl who rarely leaves his side. Rumour has it that she was once a guttersnipe from Nochet, a common thief. But that was not the kind of idle chatter to make around Aelf, for is was clear he thought of her as his sister.

"Yrsga is wise with cities and the like, she is used to going unoticed."

Jamal nods at Aelf's suggestion.

"Agreed, Vastyr, Yrsga and... " he looks round for a steadying influence for this little group "...Elnor will check the lay of the land in Pavis. We need to find the state of the authorities at the moment, and whether the legion of Hereward is being sought out by them.."

The guards at the gates are disorganised, searches and checks are perfunctory. They have been told to look out for rebels so as to arrest them, but it's along the lines of "you're not an Orlanthi rebel, are you? Oh, good." In fact, the obvious competence of the little group leads to a query as to whether they might be interested in a hire for guard duty...

The city doesn't have the wild atmosphere of tension and danger that you remember from the night of the Cradle, but it's still unsettled.
Uncertainty rules - with the core of the Rebels gone, the Lunars undermanned and demoralised, it's unclear who holds power here. And even more unclear who will hold power in the days to come.

There are few people present at the Humakt temple, but one of the servants (OOC note - I assume there are cleaners, scribes, that sort of thing...) tells you that Efridel did indeed deliver your mounts and other belongings here. The temple not being a storehouse, he left them with another trader, Yaren who had space and stabling, and you are given directions to find him.

Further questioning shows no sign of Yodi (though a few other ducks have been here), but your informant does describe someone who sounds a lot like Seledd. If it's her, she and her men are out in the Rubble at present, and she's mentioned as having spent time in discussions with the Pavis temple.

Jamal grins as the recce party returns back, so the legion has finally managed to give the local lunars here a bloody nose.

Good, about time.

His face falls as he hears of Seledd's presence in the city, and of Yodi's absence. This would mean that she was the ranking officer, and Jamal didn't relish reporting directly to the arrogant witch, whatever his impeccably polite Carmanian upbringing told him. Besides, if she has been talking to the local dignitaries in this place, it gives him an uncomfortable feeling...

"Good work", he says to Vastyr, Yrsga and Elnor. "It looks like it is safe enough to move in, as long as we don't draw any untoward attention to ourselves. We shall move off into Pavis, and report for muster at the temple before seeing this trader Yaren."

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