Character pages

Active PCs
Egil EgilSheet EgilBackground
Graylor GraylorSheet GraylorBackground
Abul AbulSheet AbulBackground

Inactive-for-now PCs
Landros LandrosSheet LandrosBackground
Aelf AelfSheet AelfBackground
Khan KhanSheet KhanBackground

Followers, now NPCs
Yaren YarenSheet YarenBackground
Vindana VindanaSheet - Dori's Sage follower
Elendala ElendalaSheet

NPCs (former PCs)
Dori DoriSheet DoriBackground

Vesekor VesekorSheet VesekorBackground
Vastyr VastyrSheet VastyrBackground
Hrolf HrolfSheet HrolfBackground
Fynn FynnSheet FynnBackground FynnAsWas
Malan MalanSheet MalanBackground
Jamal JamalSheet JamalBackground
Siggyr SiggyrSheet SiggyrBackground

Stated long-term ambitions

Skill summaries
Combat after augments are in, but without berserking etc.
Ten-thane needs 5W, hundred-thane needs 5W2
NameSingle CombatBaseBasic Weaponplus fancy weaponSpecial
EgilSword Fighting15W12W214W218W2 vs Lunars
GraylorTwo Swords Fighting 7W17W28W32W4 vs undead
13W3 vs chaos
9W4 vs vampires
Abul Sword & Shield Fighting179W17W+2 vs Spolite Witchcraft
-3 vs Darkness Demons
DoriSword & Shield Fighting 10W9W216W2+10 if facing a troll
Sword an Dagger if dueling10W15W22W3
Siggyr Sword & Shield Fighting 20W 11W212W2
LandrosSword & Shield Fighting 15W11W214W2
Vesekor Falcata & Shield Fighting12W7W2
JamalSword & Shield Fighting 12W5W28W2
Aelf Gladiator15W11W218W2
Vastyr Swordmaster10W7W214W
Malan1 handed Axe and shield14W7W210W2
YarenStaff Combat7W14W16W
SeleddSpear & Shield Fighting10W27W310W4
Yorsar Hard-to-Kill
(Legion Champion)
Bastard sword combat4W38W418w4
Gyffur Ulfsson (OiD p38)18W218W318W4
Marble Phalanx champion10W215W3

Note for Jane - I worked out figures for Seledd and Kallyr, once. Put them in here.

(I) indicates initiate only: uses Feats at -5.

Egil6W (I)12W5W8W
Graylor18 (I)5W5W5W3W (I)
Abul 18 (I)
Siggyr 10W5W5W 10W (I)
Landros 5W5W 10W
Jamal20 (I) 10W 10W10W
Aelf 17 (I)171710W
Vastyr 13 (I)5W5W5W
Malan17 (I)3W (I)19 (I)6W (I)
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