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Map of current Carmania within the Lunar Empire and a closer map here.

"As far as I understand it, Carmanian dualism recognizes Darkness as a fundamental force that can never be totally destroyed. So as well as forbidding it for the most part in their society, the Carmanian religious establishment must also work at containing it which is where some Viziers are involved in worshipping the Darkness.

It's an unstable setup and the Carmanians consider this instability as further evidence of evil Darkness which can only be resolved through renewed dedication to Idovanus. So you have a zealous society that is constantly suffering from secret darkness."
from a discussion with Peter Metcalfe on Facebook, 24th october 2012


About general Carmanian religion: here and here

Cults are linked to carmanian castes (Idovanus being restricted to the Magi, sorcerers sub-caste from the Vizier), but all castes offer a communal worship to the whole pantheon.
Third age carmanian cults are listed by the Idovanian magi under three lists, cults are authorized accordingly.
Principles used for these lists here.

The white church's list of good gods
Karmanoi (noble rulers) Magi (sorcerers) Hazar (soldiers) Caram (all conquered peoples including pelandans)
Carmanos* the Law-giver Idomon** the Prophet Bisos* the Hazar Akrolar* the Bull-Horn
Bisos* the Freehorlder Idovanus (sorcery) Daxdarius** the General Bisos** the Bull Father
Charmain the Blue Jernotia / Jernotius the Hermaphrodite Teacher Emgarvu* the Hum'Akt Bentus** god of Pleasure
Durbadath* the Lion Malakinus* the Source of Good Sorcerery Herw'Ard the Sword Prophet Dobudurn the Thunderer
Entekos the High Air

DonKivis** the Aesthete
Gartemirus** the Ancestor

Erissa the White Goddess

Eses the Cow

Gorgoma feared third daughter of Jernotius

Kenstrata** the Hunter

KetTuros* the Citizen

Oria the Earth Mother

Orogeria** the Hunteress

Pamel* the Soother

Turos the Mighty

Uleria goddess of Love

The red Church's list of Lunar Gods

Karmanoi (noble rulers) Magi (sorcerers) Hazar (soldiers) Caram (all conquered peoples including pelandans)
Aronius Jaranthir* Makabaeus*** the Lunar Sorcerer Natha*** goddess of balance and retribution Seven Mothers

The black church's list of evil gods
Leading divinity: Ganesatarus / GanEstoro

YarGan the blue cannibal

Lesser gods:
Alanabrilis* the Disrupter
Atyar the Knowledge Devourer
Cacodemon the Ogre
Daak* * the Stranger
Himile the Cold
Ikadz the Torturer
Krarsht the Hungry Mouth
Malia the Disease-Mother
Orlanatus the Sun-Killer
Ratakar the Murderer
Subere the Ultimate Darkness
Valind the Winter
Vivamortis the Undying
Zorak Zoran the Hate Demon

Cults Keywords
* Carmanian cults keywords in ILH1 p42 & 43
* * Pelandan cults keywords in ILH1 p38 & 39
* * * Lunar cults keywords in IHL2
Other various cults keywords here

House rules cults keywords
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