Ways in which this campaign differs from canon, sticks with canon despite later Issaries products not doing so, or expands on it in unusual ways

In no particular order...

Hereward Truewind

Purely our own invention. We still don't know if he's technically a hero-cult or a sub-cult, but since those are only rules constructs anyway, we don't really care.


Yes, of course you can still enchant your Iron so it doesn't affect your magic. That would hardly have stopped just because some new rules came out, now would it? There'd be a lot of very puzzled rune levels around if that happened.

Babeester Gor

We have a Babeester Gor follower to one of the main PCs (now an NPC). At the time we created her, the cult was very much as described in RQ - axe-wielding, drunk, tendency to collect souvenirs from male opponents, anti-rape and into protecting women. Then Issaries in their wisdom decided to add a raft of limitations to the Babeester Gor cult that made it unusable for PCs, and contradicted almost every BG PC and NPC that had ever existed, including this one. They also introduced a new cult with an instantly forgettable name that was functionally identical to the old BG cult.

We have, for the most part, treated this retcon with all the respect it deserves. A few of the limitations are mentioned as things that it would be good for our NPC BG to aim at (she really ought to avoid contact with anything living, but since Humakti are technically dead, they're fine.) She can accept healing (the new BG cult will be extinct within a week if they keep to their vows - someone really didn't think that through!). We borrow feats and so on from whereever looks interesting.

As a slight addition, I started thinking about how they really track rapists and so on, and ended up with a cult based around scent and blood (often together), working on emotions as a contrast to the cold-blooded and (ideally) unemotional Humakti. Our BG NPC can smell emotions: specifically, anger, fear, and guilt.

Derenx the Handsome

Different people have done different things with Derenx. For the purposes for which I wanted to use him, it was useful for him to be a fop, Lunar-funded, Solar ways, and a member of a Humakti sub-cult so obscure that no-one else has ever heard of it. I very much doubt if this interpretation will be of use to anyone else, and I'd suggest you ignore it. He's dead now, anyway - he broke his vows, attacked the High Priest in his own temple, got hit by the results of a bunch of broken geases, and was executed by the PCs.

Arkat and Humath

There was a theory once that Humath had Air powers before Arkat did some system editing on the heroplane and separated him from the Storm Tribe, creating Humakt. That theory is now largely disregarded as an option: if you read the dates of various things, it turns out to have been quite hard for Arkat to have done this. Not impossible, but quite hard. Given that this campaign is about a Humakti subcult/hero-cult called Hereward Truewind, who has (you guessed it) Air powers, we keep this theory. Quite what happened and who did what, appears to be a secret that the PCs are starting to rediscover: we've linked in the Jalmar cult as well, and are starting to look at what Arkat's various companions did, when and why they split up from him, and who got various souvenirs. We have yet to find out whether Hereward Truewind will keep his Wind powers in Fimbulwinter.


She's around in the background - as one of the villains. Well, this is me, she was bound to be in there somewhere :) As far as I'm concerned this is the same Kallyr I write stories about, only seen from a radically different view-point. I am not contradicting anything from any source I'm aware of. What I may be contradicting, from the point of view of someone borrowing bits for their own campaign, is the morality you want to play with.
So, is Kallyr, in my mind (not that of the PCs!) a hero to be looked up to? Yes. But, does she have flaws? Yes, definitely. Ruthless? Yep. Would she deal with Lunars? Yes. Take or give bribes? Yes. Decieve her allies for what she percieves as the long-term good? Yes, all the time. Sacrifice innocents for the greater good? Yes. She'd hate it, but she'd do it.
If this isn't what you want from her in your story, you need to be very careful about borrowing anything here. If what you need her to be is a knight in shining armour, pure and unsullied - sorry. That's how many of my NPCs see her, but they're wrong. The Humakti, the ones who want to execute her for various dishonourable acts, are a lot closer to the truth. They believe that the ends do not justify the means, and her means are at times decidedly dubious.

The Jalmar cult

Based on a published original, but the links with trolls, the relationship with Arkat, and (of course!) the relationship with Hereward are purely our invention, as is just about all the mythology and ceremonies. We've expanded a lot, and the direction in which we went is unlikely to be of general use.

The Rat

Original Pavis character, expanded and HQ-converted by me. Here, he's a Desemborth Devotee, who knows the Secret. Who's he working for? Is he really Orlanthi, Lunar, Chaos...? The PCs have yet to find out!
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