Arkat V Gbaji

Gavain and I were chatting about this and other things: saving the notes before I lose them completely. To start with, it's Abul's possibly initiation myth, but we drifted.

me: I think I said, when I do his initiation, it'll be Hereward meets Arkat the Troll
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: that's no problem - I see this as a way of getting the characters to know each other
janewilliams20: Yes, gets a bit of interaction going
janewilliams20: the vague idea is that he learns to tell good from evil (or at least friend from foe) by using the Truewind
janewilliams20: He can't use his eyes, because it's magically Dark
janewilliams20: and the foe that gets "sucked in" to the HQ is of course the Spolite "Darkness Demons" that have been following him all along, since they're based on Arkat-the-troll magic in the first place
janewilliams20: He wanted a lot of stuff in there about facing his fears instead of hiding from them
janewilliams20: come to think of it, having Jalmar along as support with the abiility to un-summon demons could be quite handy
janewilliams20: I'm not too sure how the details will work out, and I need to work out a later myth about Hereward meeting Arkat the Troll, after the one you did
janewilliams20: ooh, maybe take it right up to "which is Arkat and which is Gbaji"?
janewilliams20: that's the ultimate using the Truewind to tell good from evil!
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: that implies that hereward was there at the end
janewilliams20: Yes - but he was! Wielding the sword that killed Gbaji, if you remember. Arkat was holding a mace at the time, not a sword
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: did he rejoin arkat or was he there in another capacity - as a leader in his own right
janewilliams20: It sounds almost to me as if he was the referee
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: ah yes I remember that now.
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: though ISTR that the fight at the end was just Arkat and Gabji - but we know that can mean anything in terms of followers and supporters
janewilliams20: adn we know that when Arkat emerged from the fight, he was no longer a troll
janewilliams20: OK, how about this? Nysalor was originally a Light god, right?
janewilliams20: Light is good at fighting Darkness
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: the bright one certainly should be
janewilliams20: So as long as Arkat gets his powers from Darkness, he's at a disadvantage
janewilliams20: Hereward does a bit of magical surgery that separates Arkat from his Troll-ness
janewilliams20: Arkat can then go on and win the fight

I wonder if it's possible to separate Nysalor from his Light, and what wold be left if you did?
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: and you have Hereward also good at cleaving the truth - light and dark in the Carmanian view
janewilliams20: Oh. I think I know. What's left of Arkat is Humakt, what's left of Nysalor - is Eurmal
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: I don't think that Jalmar sould be there as he would then be spending his time trying to cleave the darkside from the fallen illuminates
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: trickster -- I like it
janewilliams20: And Loran liked the idea of Eurmal being Humakt's Other
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: the whole gabji thing is a Eurmal prank
janewilliams20: So we end up with two fights. Light v Dark. and Humakt v his Other
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: light defeats dark, thus removing the troll
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: then we leave the Humakt vs other

janewilliams20: maybe, but the way I saw it, the troll was removed from Arkat by Hereward's surgery
janewilliams20: light v dark gives an implosion
janewilliams20: and Humakt v Eurmal probably does as well
janewilliams20: What comes out is two humans, one of them dead
janewilliams20: This may be a bit deep for initiate not devotee, and only the herocult at that
janewilliams20: ok, so how does this work? At this stage in the story, Hereward already has the Truewind, it's just a case of the PC using it as he did and thereby cementing the feat
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: yes - it should be a specific feat from the affinity
I can see the use of Cleave Deceit and Weigh Truth Ritual for the "surgery" and assessment of the nature of the victor respectively
janewilliams20: Truth on the Wind to see what's going on
janewilliams20: So we take it partway
janewilliams20: There's a fight going on ahead, shrouded in Darkness, plus strobe effects - thin of a disco with far too much dry ice
janewilliams20: use Truewind to see what's going on in there
janewilliams20: having suceeded there, it's Arkat+troll v Nysalor
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: or cartoon cloud of dust with the odd hand and foot sticking out
janewilliams20: maybe, but what's obscuring vision is the extremes of dark adn light
janewilliams20: Now I need to give him a reason to separate Arkat from his trollish side
janewilliams20: well, other than "it's eeevil!"
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: Arkat retires after defeating Gabji. Maybe he repents of his excesses and wants Hereward to returnin him to nomal
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: normal even!
janewilliams20: maybe
GAVAIN SWEETMAN: perhaps he promises never to lead people again
janewilliams20: I'm thinking in this quest, Hereward does both seperations, the pure dark/light implosion then knocks Abul out of the heroplane
janewilliams20: We don't get to see Arkat v Gbaji in this quest
janewilliams20: That's more of a Humakti thing anyway

janewilliams20: oh, that scene with darkness and blinding light? It's also set in a landscape of dead trees and snow: black and white, with the light reflecting off the snow
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