A Devotee of Kargan the Warrior, Aelfwyrd is a proud exile from Tarsh. He became a gladiator against his will. Loved by the crowd for talent to kill anything and by wealthy female admirers for talismanic presence. Athletic and quick like lightning he is disconcertingly youthful for one who fights with Tarsh Exiles. The Aldryami gift him Certamus Tears, celestial gladiator armour from Sky World. To slay Krgrant Barefang he needs Luck Fighting Darkness. The Seven Dragon Blade is always in hands and moves like a whirlwind. He has exotic weapon collection and doesn’t let Yrsga or Korol-no-Saddle touch it.

Tarshite 17

Axe and Shield Fighting, Know Tarshite Myths, Speak Tarshite, Tarshite Customs, Tarshite Geography, Urban Survival

Gladiator 15W

Assess Opponent, Recognise Fighting Style, Fight When Wounded, Fight in Armour, Play to Crowd, Act out Spectacle, Dodge Blow, Disarm Opponent, Brawling, Blind Fighting, Javelin Fighting, Seven Dragon Blade Fighting.

Devotee of Kargan the Warrior 10W

Sword and Shield Fighting, Craft Weapon, Mythology of Humakt, Recognise Lie, Initiate to Humakt, Perform Sacrifice, Pray to Humakt
Mysteries of Kargan Tor 16

Initiate of Hereward Truewind 17

Resist Cold, Recognise Lie.


Athletic 11W
Loved by the Crowd 20
Talismanic Presence 5W
Kill Anything 13W
Disconcertingly Youthful 3W
Will 19
Luck Fighting Darkness 2W
Quick like Lightning 4W


Arrogant 3W
Proud 9W
Boastful 20
Honourable 18
Independent 17
Violent 3W
Unruly 7W


Devotee of Kargan the Warrior 10W
Initiate of Hereward Truewind 13
Legionnaire 15
Cradle Rider 20
Aldryami 20
Enemy of Krgrant Barefang 5W
Horn Gate Healers 13
Elmeh Saif 13
Tarsh Exiles 2W
Hates Lunars 18
Wealthy Female Admirers 3W


Combat Magic 10W (Blinding Fury, Disarm Foe, Great Blow, Unbreakable Weapon, Weapon Help, Kargan's Mighty Throw *Stand Against Many)
Death Magic 17 (Shield Destroyer, Terrify Opponent, Bless Corpse, Death Song Beserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Visage of Fear, *Sunder)
Truth Magic 17 (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward, *Forge War Ring Ritual)
Truewind Magic - 17 (Cleave Deceit, Cutting Wind of Truth, Truth on the Wind, Howling Doomwind, Weigh Truth ritual) *Initiate Only -5
Truewind Voice 13 (Standalone feat from HQ)
Wyter Blessing Function 18W (Illuminate Darkness, Recognise Preparation For Attack, Unbreakable Weapon)
Cohort Blessing: Face Horror 6W
Ba Hariya's Blessing 15


Seven Dragon Blade - (Always in Hand 18, Moves Like a Whirlwind 3W).
Note: 5 base 5 Kargan blessing = 10 weapon. Horrific two handed and nine bladed weapon, blades inlaid with draconic imagery, ebony and ivory haft, apparently of Kralorean origins.

Exotic Weapon Collection W1.
Note: Gladiator weapons plus a bunch of weird and wonderful things.

Certamus Tears - (Guardian Angel 4W).
Note: Open Face Helm, Vambrace, Greave. 6 armour. A suit of silver celestial gladiator armour (There is Polaris linkage lurking here, maybe with the Kargan Tor stuff)

Wealth 18


Sidekick: Yrsga (Thief 5W, Nochet 2W, Initiate of Humakt 13, Initiate of Hereward 13, Initiate of Rigsdal 17 - Starwatch)
Note: Rigsdal Sub Cult, The Night Watchman a.k.a. "Humakt's Eye' - Honour Feats: Identify Traitor, See Past Illusion.

Retainer: Korol-No-Saddle (Bodyguard 2W, Grazelander 17)
Note: Not initiated as yet.

Gifts/Geases/Other Magical abilities:

Jonorol's Blessing: Never refuse a challenge to one-on-one combat, even from non-Humakti.
Kargan's Blessing: Never sleep in a building that is not a Humakti Temple.
Oath: Do not cross Creekstream River until Kzgrant Barefang has been killed, or lose strength - done!
Kargan' Blessing: 5 to rank of one specific weapon (Seven Dragon Blade - really hurts now)
Jonorol's Blessing: Recover 1 AP per round during any physical combat as long as AP are above 0 - +5 to self-confidence.

Combat Summary:

Basic: Gladiator 15W Seven Dragon Blade 10 Gladiator Armour 6 = 11W2
Lost It: Gladiator 15W Kill Anything 4 Blinding Fury 4 Violent 3 Seven Dragon Blade 10 Gladiator Armour 6 = 2W3

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